Tuesday, July 8, 2014

So who is asking the Catholic Church to change its teachings on gays and marriage?

Brian S. Brown
Oh I suppose that there are a few people who would like to see the Church evolve on gay issues. Nevertheless, most people of most faiths are selectively observant. I love pork while the overwhelming majority of Catholics use contraceptives.

Today. National Organization for Marriage is linking to a piece in Legatus Magazine. The magazine is the organ for Legatus which is yet another conservative Catholic venture funded by Tom Monaghan, Domino's Pizza founder and owner of the Detroit Tigers. The piece is titled Family under fire and it's the usual conservative Catholic end of the world blather:

At a time when the definition of marriage and family is being distorted almost daily, The Vatican is about to convene a synod on the family that many hope will bring clarity to a culture in confusion.
If there is a distortion ("daily" no less) it comes from from a misunderstanding of the place of one particular religion in a diverse society. If there is some confusion it come from people asking why the Church is disproportionately obsessed with a few gay people getting married when there are so many more important issues affecting so many more people.

Brian Brown, head of National Organization for Marriage chimes in:

However, the idea that the synod will change Church’s teaching on marriage or any other essential truth is simply wrong, said Brian Brown, president and co-founder of the National Organization for Marriage, and a member of Legatus’ Philadelphia Chapter.
Church teaching has never been an issue. The real problem is that the Church, which is arrogant and insecure at the same time, is trying to impose its teachings on everyone else (most of whom are not Catholics) by force of law. The Church's point man on marriage discrimination, Archbishop Salvatore Cordileo adds:
Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone
“Church teaching can’t change,” Archbishop Cordileone told Legatus magazine. “Otherwise, we’re into that dictatorship of relativism.” Church discipline could be modified, he said, but even there he expressed caution because certain disciplines have evolved over the centuries and are deeply intertwined with Church teaching and theology.
“Dictatorship of relativism?” How does a moral doctrine become a form of governance? Cordileone is a pompous, ambitious priest who was one of the architects of California Proposition 8. If there is tyranny comparable to a dictatorship it comes from the majority voting away the civil rights of a minority at the behest of religious leaders. It would take the form of an amendment to a constitution that is supposed to be subservient to the prohibition of laws made in recognition of religion. The amendment would have deprived one group of people certain rights because of religious disapproval.

If there is relativism it is found in court documents defending discrimination, including Prop 8. Lawyers representing the interests of the Church (directly and indirectly) concocted a preposterous and dishonest theory that the presence of same-sex marriage somehow affects how opposite-sex couples procreate. Relativism occurs when lies are acceptable if they support Church doctrine.

These people need to get a grip on reality. Pissing away millions of dollars trying to prevent people of other religions from getting married doesn't seem to be sound fiscal policy. It's not just the money. The Church has invested countless amounts of credibility capital in this failed venture while their own house is in utter disarray. While they are wasting money and damaging their reputation they are also losing focus and diverting attention from more pressing issues.

If all that wasn't bad enough, here we have yet another example of Defenders of the Faith embracing NOM. National Organization for Marriage is an anti-gay hate group. It uses its donations to influence both voters and politicians to believe same-sex-attraction pseudo science in order to denigrate LGBT citizens and taxpayers. Professing love for all people has become a mound of bullshit when the Church is in an alliance with a group that acts to deprive gay people of even the smallest measures of equality.

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