Friday, July 11, 2014

There are STILL Prop 8 holdouts

PJI's Matthew McReynolds is the one on the right
I have actually been to Yokoi's cave on the island of Guam. Sergeant Shōichi Yokoi was found in the jungles of Guam in 1972 — roughly 28 years after US forces regained control of the Island. One of a handful of WWII Japanese holdouts, his goal was to avoid the shame of being captured alive. Which brings me to the wingnuts at Pacific Justice Institute.

In California, the Christian right is in a tizzy over a new law that substitutes “spouse” for husband and wife on marriage license applications and in family law. PJI's staff attorney, Matthew McReynolds, told Christian News:
What these politicians don’t want people to know is that their actions are illegitimate. Contary <sic> to media myths, Prop. 8 has not been invalidated on a statewide basis. Instead, these politicians are exercising raw power, ignoring the Constitution and counting on the people and the courts not to hold them accountable.

And this guy went to law school? Last I heard, the Supreme Court determined that the sponsors of Proposition 8 did not have legal standing to appeal the decision reached in the district court before Judge Vaughn Walker. Therefore, the appeal to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals was vacated leaving Judge Walker's decision in place. On June 28, 2013 the stay was lifted and California became an equality state. It's not all that complicated.

McReynolds is probably holding to the urban legend that equality is only effected in the counties of the original plaintiffs — or some other form of crackpottery known only to a select few Christianists. Hold that thought Matthew while the rest of us separate reality from fantasy.

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