Tuesday, August 12, 2014

According to Tony Perkins we are intolerant when we are victimized

“We don't serve your kind here!”

W.W. Bridal Boutique, in Bloomsburg, PA turned away a lesbian couple seeking gowns for their wedding. The owner of the store, Victoria Miller, claimed that providing the merchandise would violate her Christian faith. “We feel we have to answer to God for what we do,” the self-righteous shopkeepeer told reporters, “and providing those two girls dresses for a sanctified marriage would break God's law.” One wonders how many of God's laws they break every day. Using that standard they would have to inquire about whether or not brides are virgins. Is either intended spouse divorced? Any Jews on line to pay? And so on.

This is not about religion. It's about ignorance, hate and bigotry.

According to Tony Perkins, head of the hate group Family Research Council, it's not the couple denied service who are victims. Rather it's the poor defenseless shopkeeper:
Instead of showing the tolerance their movement claims to practice, the women turned to social media to bully the shop -- trashing its online reviews and sparking a city-wide firestorm. Miller, whose orthodox beliefs are in the bulls-eye, isn't backing down. …

Obviously, W.W. Bridal Boutique isn't the only wedding dress shop in town. These women could have easily taken their business elsewhere -- but chose to retaliate instead. That's because, at its core, this isn't about accommodation. It's about forced acceptance. When religious liberty clashes with homosexuality -- as it has from bakeries to flower shops -- the storylines are all the same: conform or be punished.
So according to Mr. Perkins we should be tolerant of people who discriminate against us. Furthermore, discrimination is acceptable if there is an alternative store, restaurant or baker? That is precisely what he is asserting. One can only imagine the outrage if some Muslim turned away Christians.

Furthermore, this is not about forced acceptance. That is just feeble demagoguery. If Ms. Miller does not approve of same-sex marriage then she has the option not to enter into one. She can even post a sign on her door stating her disapproval. None of these cretins have the courage to do that. But when they get caught discriminating well then they are full of bluster. Perkins tries another tact:
In Bloomsburg, liberals are so determined to avenge this couple that they're convening a special meeting of the city council to consider passing a law that the lesbians could use to sue. Unfortunately, this intolerance is exactly what's driving the wave of ordinances that target similar family business owners in Baton Rouge, Houston, and San Antonio. Rather than let consumers decide the fate of businesses that don't concede, the government is dictating marketplace values.
The owners of this establishment do not approve of homosexual "marriage"

Marketplace values? This is about common decency. Perhaps Perkins has heard of the Golden Rule. It is indecent to deny service to anyone for being different. Those people are usually in the minority and as a civil society we have laws to protect them from being humiliated by discrimination. And if Perkins really wants consumers to decide then the shopkeeper should post that sign about their customer preferences. It's perfectly legal. The problem with that approach is that the Christianist crackpot knows that he or she will alienate heterosexual customers who have gay family, friends or co-workers. No. They quietly discriminate until someone makes a stink knowing that Perkins and others will come to their defense.

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