Wednesday, August 6, 2014

CBN: "Celibate Gay Christians Shake up Homosexual Debate"

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More tedium from the Christian right. When did sexual orientation become a debate? With grudging concession to the fact that sexual orientation is immutable (at least on Wednesdays) they are suggesting that gay people can, and should, be chaste. According to CBN:
Now there's a growing movement among believers who struggle with same-sex attraction, with some calling themselves "gay Christians" who focus on celibacy instead of transformation.

They say you can be gay and Christian as long as you're celibate.
Please. I doubt that this is really a movement, let alone one that is growing.

The only reason that anyone “struggles” with their sexual orientation is because some biblical literalist claims that same-sex sex is a sin. At the same time, they aren't stoning disobedient children nor murdering daughters who aren't virgins at marriage. Who stroked a passage in Leviticus with yellow highlighter? Why does the gay seem to always get special treatment?

Nevertheless, if someone thinks that they should have a lifestyle created around slavish devotion to ancient texts then that is his or her choice to make. However, we know where this is going. “FREEDOM from homosexuality®” through celibacy is just one more bit of religion based heterosexualism.

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