Friday, August 8, 2014

Matt Barber explains the Target boycott for you

J. Matt Barber - Liberty Council
According to the news blog of American Family Association, Liberty Council's J. Matt Barber has something to say about Target Stores (American Family Association and Liberty Council are designated as hate groups by the Southern Poverty Law Center). I call them “bigoted” but I digress.

According to Mr. Barber:
Target, just like other corporations across the country, should at least remain neutral in this ongoing culture war. And at best, they should be endorsing the age old institution of natural marriage, which is the cornerstone to any healthy society.

Suggesting an enterprise obligation to be neutral is a familiar AFA tactic that Barber is mimicking. They know that the leadership of corporate America tends to be  fiscally conservative while socially progressive. I doubt that Barber has the same regard for neutrality by Hobby Lobby or Chick fil-A. Same-sex marriage is natural marriage. Even if marriage is the key to a healthy and prosperous society, Barber and the rest of the holier-than-thou set have failed to demonstrate any adverse effect of same-sex marriage. Marriage equality demonstrates society's commitment to fairness and equality.

Barber continues:
I hope people will go into Target stores across the country and tell them that they are no longer going to buy products there because Target has joined in the attack on the institution of natural marriage. They need to let it be known that they will take their business elsewhere and tell why they are doing so. That's what individuals can do about this.
Perhaps these self-righteous folks cannot read polls, choose not to read them or believe that firms like Gallup are the tools of Satan. Being a proponent of equality is likely to attract more customers than it repels. The complaints of a few religious extremists (and that is what they are) will leave most store employees shaking their heads.

Conservative Christian boycotts of General Mills, Starbucks, Disney, Home Depot, Ford and a number of other corporations have all failed. They are about as consequential as the religious crackpot who pays for anti-gay banners to be flown over Disney World once a year.

According to Charlie Butts (not his porn name) the writer of the post for AFA:
Also, Barber says people of all faiths and secularists who realize marriage is being deconstructed need to collectively stand against all corporations that support homosexual marriage.
It's collective denial. 

Mr. Barber usually holds himself out as a constitutional lawyer. To set the record straight:
  • Matt Barber has a correspondence program law degree through fourth-rate Liberty Law.
  • Mr. Barber does not seem to be licensed to practice law anywhere in the United States.
  • It does not appear that Mr. Barber has ever been licensed to practice law anywhere in the United States.

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