Wednesday, August 13, 2014

MN: Pro-Equality GOPer Survives Primary Challenge

Unfortunately named State Representative Jenifer Loon has survived a GOP primary challenge that was a direct result of her vote in favor of marriage equality. Rep. Loon was opposed by Sheila Kihne who had the support of the state's conservative Christians. According to the anti-gay Minnesota Family Council:
Sheila Kihne, a resident of Eden Prairie, is running for the state House seat currently held by Jenifer Loon.

Sheila is a good example of what it means to TURN THE LIGHTS BACK ON in Minnesota this year!
Sheila is running in the Republican primary against an incumbent who, despite her pledge to constituents to support traditional marriage, voted for same-sex marriage last year. Sheila's opponent also previously voted FOR an "anti-bullying" bill that violated religious freedoms …
I don't know about turning the lights back on. However the Republican Party might be regaining its libertarian roots. It is a zero-sum proposition as  so-called “values” (anti-choice, anti-gay, anti-Establishment clause) groups face the prospect of fading to obscurity.

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