Monday, August 25, 2014

Morse: It's raining elites

Jennifer Roback Morse
Jennifer Roback Morse
I have never been quite sure what an “elite” is. Apparently Jennifer Roback Morse, former National Organization for Marriage executive and head of the Ruth Institute, knows more than I do. Morse is on a roll in an email that was sent out yesterday.

The Judicial Elites have handed down a disastrous series of Federal Court decisions, solidifying governmental commitment to the ideology of the Sexual Revolution. The Entertainment Elites seem to celebrate every family form, except the natural family of a loving father and mother faithful to one another and raising their own children together. The Media Elites continue their shameless manipulation of public opinion. The Economic Elites pour money into political campaigns and propaganda campaigns designed to prop up the structure of the Sexual Revolution. Academic Elites continue their behind-the-scenes scribbling, advocating for recreating marriage, the family and even the human body, in their own image.
Poor you!

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