Thursday, August 7, 2014

NOM is boycotting Target (yawn)

National Organization for Marriage seems determined to further embarrass themselves with yet another silly boycott. The purpose of a boycott is to use economic leverage to alter a company's behavior. With respect to NOM's targeting companies like General Mills and Starbucks they failed on both counts. They haven't impacted sales and they certainly haven't modified the pro-equality stance of these organizations.

So what is pissing off the bigots at NOM?

On Tuesday, the retail giant Target signed on to an amicus brief for the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in two pending cases challenging the definition of marriage in Indiana and Wisconsin.
The brief uses extremely charged language to refer to laws defining marriage as the union of a man and a woman. It calls them "the states' bans [on same-sex marriage]" and, even more radically, "marriage discrimination" laws!
"Marriage discrimination" is precisely what these bans enshrine and there is nothing remotely radical about calling it what it is; Discrimination. The fact that NOM is furthering discrimination at the behest of the Catholic Church doesn't lessen the fact that it is discrimination.
Without providing any rationale at all, the brief states bluntly that "Same-sex couples should have the same right to marry as opposite-sex couples," and refers to Indiana and Wisconsin's traditional marriage laws as "an unproductive, inequitable, and unjust status quo."
Oh my! I think that the very paragraph that Brian Brown wrote claiming there is no rationale is the very text that clearly provides the rationale. Furthermore, Brown has no answers to "unproductive, inequitable and unjust" because those terms define NOM's agenda.

Brian Brown and NOM are in no position to complain about how anyone else frames an issue. The entire Proposition 8 and Question 1 (Maine) campaigns were themed around the notion that gays are a threat to children. From there it's on to some faux victims:
Perhaps most ridiculously, the brief—while touting the benefits of pro-LGBT businesses—presents the claim that "corporate cultures that don't encourage openness and inclusiveness leave employees feeling isolated and fearful."

Well, tell that to the employees at Chase bank.

There, employees were recently asked on a survey to identify whether they were members or "allies" of the LGBT community. The spirit of "openness and inclusiveness" behind that question worked to the opposite effect from what this brief suggests.
Here we go again. Two out of thousands of employees complained to Robby George about a voluntary question on a voluntary questionnaire and it's Armageddon. It's a manufactured controversy that died shortly after birth.

Brown gets to the point:
So I'm announcing a new boycott today, against Target, for insulting consumers like you and me. The brief they signed in court this week insinuates that people like you and me, who would vote to uphold traditional marriage, as akin to segregationists and racial bigots. Would you want to shop at a place that viewed you in that way?

I'm not exaggerating. Take a look at this description, from the brief, of the marriage laws in Wisconsin and Indiana:

[A law that defines marriage as the union of a man and a woman] requires that… we single out colleagues with same-sex partners and treat them as a separate and unequal class as compared to employees with heterosexual partners.
If Brian Brown doesn't want to be labeled a bigot then he should cease behaving like a bigot. Target's brief is consistent with the findings of a number of state and federal courts around the country. But the BS doesn't stop there:
Target also complains that such a law "upsets our business philosophy and prevents [us] from reaching our full economic potential because it dissuades employees from living and working in the jurisdictions where we do, or want to do, business."

Really? I know that you, like me, don't see things this way. We'd most like to live in a land where the true and noble good of marriage is upheld and protected in law as an institution about the welfare and rights of children rather than about the capricious desires of adults.
Nothing like piling on the bigotry. Capricious means volatile, temperamental, inconsistent, unpredictable. In other words we are fickle. And who exactly is the "we" here. According to the polls the growing majority of Americans support marriage equality. Brown is as delusional about the support for discrimination as he is about NOM being around for 15 years (it's six years). Or maybe Brian Brown is not delusional. Perhaps he is a pathological liar in addition to being a bigot.

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