Thursday, August 14, 2014

NOM now thinks that they can influence SCOTUS

This afternoon's press release is headlined “National Organization for Marriage Calls for Supreme Court Stay of Decision Striking Down Virginia's Marriage Amendment.” Seriously? Are these people that dense that they believe that they can affect a decision by the United States Supreme Court?

Perhaps, given the statement from Bryan Brown that follows, they do think that they have some sway over the Court:

We urge the Supreme Court to grant Prince William County Clerk Michèle McQuigg's request for a stay of the decision in Bostic v. Schaefer while the matter is appealed. The 4th Circuit has wrongly rejected the request for a stay, and now it lies with the Justices in Washington to ensure that this case can be appealed in an orderly and reasonable fashion without the spectacle of premature same-sex ‘marriages’ filling the news as an affront to the people of Virginia …
Translation: "Our sponsor, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, is going to be extremely upset if gay couples start marrying in Dixie." They can "urge" all they want. It's just more noxious discharge from a group of gasbags.

You never know with NOM. Are they appealing to their base or do they really think that a justice of the Supreme Court is interested in this crap? I suspect that the Court will issue a stay as they did in Utah. Perhaps NOM is setting themselves up to take credit for something that they had no influence over.

I confess that I haven't a clue what a premature same-sex 'marriage' is nor why it would be a spectacle. If there is an "affront" to the people of Virginia it is the effect on those gay couples, some of whom have children, who want to get married. They, and their families, are the only people affected by same-sex marriage or its ban.

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