Wednesday, August 6, 2014

NOMmers starting to realize the inevitability of marriage equality - with ineptitude

For at least a day (or, perhaps, an hour) National Organization for Marriage is realizing that, to continue to exist, they must be more than just the Catholic organization that failed miserably at banning same-sex marriage. Trotting out some self-manufactured victims:

The ousting of Brenden Eich from Mozilla and the attempts by Chase Bank to ID employees based on whether they are "an ally of the LGBT community" were two powerful and extreme examples of efforts to marginalize and punish people who believe in a biblical or traditional view of sexual morality.

NOM is leading the charge to push back against these attempts to target ordinary citizens like you and me for simply holding to the truth about marriage.

A leader? First of all, Chase bank didn't do anything. Nor, for that matter, did NOM get them to do anything differently. As for Mr. Eich, the story is more complex but the important thing, in this context, is that NOM didn't do anything that helped him. NOM's “push-back” is about as effective as their campaign to ban same-sex marriage. If they haven't accomplished anything then how do they claim to be a leader?

This is all about keeping Brian Brown, and possibly Maggie Gallagher, employed (Maggie was still on the 2012 payroll for doing nothing).  Who would be stupid enough to hire them? Well, I suppose that there is always Family Research Council.

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