Thursday, August 14, 2014

When did conservative Christian organizations cynically determine that their members were idiots?

Conservative Christian organizations routinely assume that their constituencies are spectacularly stupid. Consider; “Off The Mark: Target Publicly Opposes Natural Marriage.” That is the title of a blog post of Citizens for Community Values. According to the post (which is lacking an author attribution):
Do you shop at Target or Starbucks? You should know that they and others are publicly opposed to Natural Marriage. To see a comprehensive list of where companies stand on marriage, life, and other important issues, go to

Natural marriage? While I would argue that same-sex marriage is perfectly natural, they are referring to so-called traditional marriage. Who on earth is opposed to traditional marriage? More importantly, what makes these people think that marriage equality is an issue of semantics?

Either conservative Christians are stupider than I think or they are smarter than the author of that blog post thinks.

Based in Cincinnati, Citizens for Community Values is an affiliate of American Family Association, Family Research Council and Focus on the Family. 2012 revenues were $700K. By the way, scores businesses on their social conservatism. I have installed the Android app and will probably write about it tomorrow.

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