Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Brian Brown cannot accept the simple truth that NOM's clock ran out

Backwards clock running out of time
National Organization for Marriage is no longer a participant in the marriage equality tournament. Their clock has run out and their limited organizational and management skills are now clearly evident. Today, NOM wants potential donors to forget all that and pony up. NOM's managers are now part scam artists and part delusional religious zealots. According to Brian Brown in an email blast:
As I wrote to you in a letter recently, the critical, upcoming November elections are just a couple of short months away. And NOM is gearing up to make an impact!
Even if it is true that NOM can impact the mid-term elections, what does any of that have to do with banning same-sex marriage? Even if Republicans were to take control of the United States Senate (they might) exactly what are they supposed to do about marriage equality? The issue is going to be resolved solely by the Supreme Court. NOM's so-called “marriage amendment” does not have support beyond the Louie Gohmert crowd.

Brown goes on to beg:
The summer months are always lean, and we now have some ground to make up. We have a ways to go to reach our quarterly projections — an additional $447,398. That means, if you donate today and help us raise the $223,699 we need by the end of the month, a single donor will donate that same amount to NOM!
Sounds like a case of the cash-shorts to me. How much of that money (if they are successful raising it) will be available for anything other than meeting current financial obligations?

Yet Brown goes on to claim:
We will be building a visible, nationwide, grassroots infrastructure dedicated to defending marriage through advertising, online outreach, mailers and get-out-the-vote efforts.
Don't they realize that the days of “defending marriage” are done. But it gets even better. Much better:
In addition, we are in the midst of developing and deploying new, powerful and hard-hitting messaging — challenging the prevailing narratives and themes driving the same-sex ‘marriage' movement and exposing critical falsehoods in their argument.
If NOM has a good argument I have yet to hear it. If NOM has a new argument, it remains unvoiced. Some two dozen judges haven't entertained it either. In spite of testimony from their so-called experts and in spite of an entire book written to sway the Supreme Court in Windsor and in spite of a pile of amicus briefs our judicial system has overwhelmingly sided with equality. Did Robby George forget something in his book or the scores of briefs he has filed? Is there something new and credible from Mark Regnerus or the Heritage Foundation?

Judge Richard Posner
Judge Richard Posner at the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals seems to have defined a key issue. The children of same-sex couples are disadvantaged if their parents are unable to marry. That is an indisputable issue of fact. The state is unable to define what offsetting benefit there is to the state and society by causing harm to those kids and their parents through public policy. Can Brian Brown fill in that gaps or will they continue to suggest the preposterous concept that the marriages of same-sex couples have some mystical effect on opposite-sex couples?

Is that “new messaging” sprinkled with fairy dust?

Brown concludes:
We CAN retake the Senate... We CAN elect marriage champions and ensure that the GOP remains strong on marriage... We CAN make a resounding statement that the Supreme Court will hear BEFORE they rule on the future of marriage in America.
Now the Republican party is "we." There was a time when NOM insisted that it was nonpartisan. Precisely what are they going to do that will have any impact on the Supreme Court? Are they suggesting that a GOP controlled Senate is the result of marriage ideology? Are they further suggesting that this has any impact on how Justice Kennedy will consider the plight of the hundreds of thousands of children being raised by same-sex couples?

NOM, a proxy for the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, was founded to prevent same-sex marriage from spreading beyond Massachusetts. Its first real project took the form of Proposition 8. NOM has failed miserably. 19 states plus the District of Columbia now recognize same-sex marriage. The last time marriage was on the ballot we cleaned NOM's clock. 44% of US citizens now live in a marriage equality state. NOM's arguments have never made sense and they have not improved with age. NOM now exists to collect donations to pay out as salaries to organize the collection of donations and so on.

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