Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Cardinal George and his polite "Fuck You"

Cardinal Francis George
In July Colin Colette was let go from Holy Family Catholic Church in Chicago where he was the music director. Colette was terminated after news of his engagement to fiancĂ© William Nifong spread via Facebook. I am reasonably sure that there are numerous people in the employ of this same church who defy Catholic teachings on a daily basis but The Gay — well, obviously that's different. Right?

This week, Cardinal George agreed to meet with the pervert — I mean homosexual gay man. Let us not forget that George is a man who compared the gay rights movement to the KKK. Here's how things went according to the Christian Post:
"I was incredibly grateful to the cardinal for meeting with me," he said of the Catholic leader currently battling cancer. "This is an incredibly difficult time for him… I was moved beyond words that he would meet with me. We prayed together, he was wonderful. He was very pastoral."

Colette sought out the Cardinal in hopes of getting his job back. George urged the now defunct music director to speak to his church pastor.
Is there such a thing as a polite “fuck you?” What was the purpose for this meeting? Did the guy in red want to right a wrong or was this a media event? Which was it? Clearly, sending him back to the priest who canned him serves no purpose.
"My head is sort of spinning, but as I said over and over, my whole life has been the church," Colette said. "It's my love. It's my passion, and I pray for the opportunity to do that," he said.
What can I say? What can I possibly say? Hopefully Mr. Colette will find a new, more appreciative, employer. Meanwhile George has lifetime job security and lives in a palace replete with bowing and scraping retainers.

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