Thursday, September 4, 2014

Cass: Deport or sterilize all Muslims

Gary Cass
Gary Cass, head of the so-called Christian Anti-Defamation Commission has written a lengthy treatise about why he is a proud Islamphobe. Therein is this gem of anti-defamation rhetoric:
D.A.M.N.: Depart All Muslims Now. Deport them like Spain was forced to do when they deported the Muslim Moors. Muslims in America are procreating at twice the rate of other groups. So, either we force them all to get sterilized, or we wait for the “Army of Islam” to arise in our midst and do what Muslims always do, resort to violence.

This imbecile represents the always “persecuted” white-heterosexual-Christian super-majority.  He seemingly has no problem persecuting and defaming other people, particularly a small minority. Imagine if he said the same thing about Jews. It would be no different. Regardless of supposed cause, he would still be spouting some very frightening sentiments. Later on he tells his followers to prepare:
First trust in God, then obtain a gun(s), learn to shoot, teach your kids the Christian doctrines of just war and self defense, create small cells of family and friends that you can rely on if some thing catastrophic happens and civil society suddenly melts down.
In other words, make other people and children as neurotic and hateful as he is. His Christianist conclusion:
Now the only question is how many more dead bodies will have to pile up at home and abroad before we crush the vicious seed of Ishmael in Jesus name? The Good News is Jesus, and his indestructible Church, will prevail, but there will be pain and heartache along the way to victory. May we be willing to take the lesser pains now so our children won’t have to take greater pains later.
Victory over what? Exactly what does that look like? We should destroy followers of a different religion because some adherents are violent zealots. By that standard who is safe?

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