Friday, September 19, 2014

Johnny Weir's Marriage blows up

No fan am I of Johnny Weir. In his self-absorbed fabulousness he is an embarrassment to the gay community. I am posting this piece because I refuse to be embarrassed by his divorce.

Victor Weir-Voronov sued John Weir-Voronov on Thursday in New York County Supreme Court.  Weir's estranged husband claims that the three-time national champion assaulted, battered and defamed him, accusing him of "having 'herpes' or 'some sort of sexually transmitted disease.'"       

The men were married on Dec. 30, 2012.  Johnny Weir was U.S. national champion from 2004-06, took a bronze at the world championships in 2008, and a gold at the world junior competition in 2001. Voronov, a graduate of Georgetown Law School, is an attorney. I always suspected that he is a bit of a grifter.

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