Thursday, September 11, 2014

NOM continues to pursue frivolous litigation in Oregon to enrich Mr. Eastman

National Organization for Marriage
National Organization for Marriage wins the hyperbole of the week award for this one. In a blog post today, the anti-gay, anti-marriage equality organization goes on to state:
Oregonians have been so far shamefully denied their fundamental rights and role as citizens in a self-determinative democracy by a system of judicial tyranny run amok, but NOM is continuing our fight there to get the people of Oregon their day in court and ensure that they values are represented in the matter of how marriage is defined.
It's tyranny run amok I tell you. In short, NOM has been trying to represent other bigots (whom they won't even name) in the litigation that eventually made Oregon a marriage equality state. In brief, Oregon's AG decided not to defend the ban. NOM tried to intervene but was denied at both the US district court and the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. Now they are appealing to the Supreme Court.

John Eastman
Chairman, National Org for Marriage
This is settled law. It's quite similar to the issues of standing that nullified the appeals in the California Proposition 8 case. That was the decision of the United States Supreme Court. My theory is that this is all designed to enrich NOM's chairman, John Eastman, who also happens to be NOM's litigator du jour (there have been several). In the frivolous IRS case, Eastman billed at $625 per hour.

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