Monday, September 15, 2014

NOM is quoting the pope

National Organization for Marriage has always been devoted to imposing the teachings of the Catholic church on civil law. It's really quite arrogant when you think about it. First they tried to hide the connections. Back in 2008, during the Prop 8 contest, I was writing the Tips-Q blog (an enterprise I miss every now and then). I wrote something about NOM's connections to Opus Dei. NOM sent out an email blast. They were appalled that anyone would connect them to a "religious order."

Today they are quoting the pope's views on marriage. The problem with that, of course, is the simple fact that the issue of marriage equality revolves around civil marriage. The teachings of the Catholic Church have no more relevance to this matter than the Hindu Upanishads. Have we seen any Hindus on the protest line?

Neither NOM nor any of the people associated with NOM have ever posed a logical reason to oppose marriage equality. What is their stake in all of this? How are they affected, one way or the other? Those are rhetorical questions of course but none of these people seem to have thought it through.

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