Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Our physical safety is never assured

Map of Florida highlighting Wilton Manors
Hate crime shocks Wilton Manors

Wilton Manors, Florida is the second gayest city in America (next to Provincetown, RI). As of 2010 approximately 14% of the city's residents were LGBT.

Yesterday a resident of Wilton Manors was physically and verbally assaulted. For no apparent reason a gay man was chased down the street by a male with a shaved head. The alleged assailant was throwing rocks and calling the victim “faggot.” The victim walked a couple of blocks to his home. Thereupon  the assailant continued to throw rocks at the man's home as he was shouting gay slurs.

The man suffered some superficial injuries. The seriousness of the injuries is more a matter of luck than intent. This incident had the potential to be considerably more severe.

According to CBS-Miami, Wilton Manors Mayor Gary Resnick said there was no place for the crime and said he’d like to “commend the victim for coming forward.”

“Wilton Manors has absolutely no tolerance for hate crimes, and this is a very rare, rare event,” Mayor Resnick said. “We do not have a lot of events where people are attacked on the streets because they may be gay or lesbian.”

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