Friday, October 31, 2014

This photo of Porno Pete requires little explanation

Peter LaBarbera

LaBarbera is going to do the same anti-gay hate shit until he dies. One day his children are going to be very embarrassed.

Rather flaccid, pathetic really

National Organization for Marriage is trolling for donations with something that has absolutely nothing to do with marriage. It's not national either and it sure as hell isn't well organized. Uh huh, it is Houston hoax time, again. NOM, FRC and a string of other anti-gay hate groups and speakers are going to protest something that was never really happening in the first place and now is not happening at all. These folks live to be persecuted. I am not wasting another keystroke to debunk the Houston hoax.

There was a time when NOMmers insisted that they were not anti-gay, just opposed to same-sex marriage. At least they have dropped the pretense. NOM are angry, greedy, homophobic white people always asking for money.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Bishops befuddled as Catholic universities offer same-sex partner/spouse benefits

University of Notre Dame
The University of Notre Dame announced this month that it will offer benefits to all legally married spouses of employees. Notre Dame officials said the university had to follow state employment laws and said it still supported the traditional Catholic teaching that marriage is between one man and one woman. In all 22 Jesuit universities now provide benefits to same-sex partners.

Howevery, Notre Dame’s president, the Rev. John Jenkins, added that beyond the legal obligations “we recognize an urgent call to welcome, support and cherish gay and lesbian brothers and sisters, who have been too often marginalized and even ostracized, and many of whom bear the scars of such treatment.” He doesn't seem to be screaming something about religious liberty being trampled upon (which is all the rage these days).

NOM's deceptive end game

Brian S. Brown - National Organization for Marriage
National Organization for Marriage is betting its future on the 2014 mid-term elections. Brian Brown is fighting to keep his job. It is, at least in their view, a final chance for both relevance and survival. Today, Brian Brown, NOM's president reminds supporters Only Five Short Days... It is a money-beg. It is also highly disingenuous.

Won’t you please help us turn out the conservative base that values life and marriage by making a generous donation of $35, $50, $100, $500 or even $1,000 or more right away?
A pro-marriage majority in the Senate will allow us to advance critical pro-marriage legislation. It will be a powerful check on the Obama Administration’s stealth campaign to redefine marriage through executive order and "regulation." And it will be an obstacle to Obama appointing extremist, activist federal judges to the bench who are willing to throw out the votes of millions of Americans because they arrogantly believe their personal views trump the outcome of elections in over thirty states where voters have stood for the truth of marriage.

ERLC & Al Mohler v. PFOX v. Relevance

Al Mohler
According to American Family Association's “news” blog, Albert Mohler, head of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, addressed more than 1,000 evangelical pastors and others attending the three-day conference held by Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC). Mohler stated that he was wrong years ago when he said “same-sex attraction could be changed.” This came on the heels of a statement by ERLC head, Russell Moore who stated that the ERLC no longer supports reparative therapy.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

"The Future of Florida in the Balance"

At precisely 3:00 PM I was invited to join a conference call “Today @ 2:00PM.” How urgent can it be if they screw up the email invites?

Presumably these folks think that Florida is at the precipice formed by the potential (re)election of Charlie Crist to be our next governor. Charlie has a slim lead in the polls in spite of Rick Scott spending millions of his own dollars on negative advertising. Charlie has promised to withdraw the state's legal defense of the same-sex marriage ban.

Ms. "Bait & Switch" now claims that singles and gay rights will abolish ALL marriage

Stella Morabiito
Last April Stella Morabito claimed in The Federalist that same-sex marriage was a “bait and switch” proposition. The goal of the gay community wasn't equality, she claimed, but abolishing the institution of marriage. Exactly why we would go through this much trouble to effect a nuclear solution is never adequately explained. According to Ms. Morabito (a Defender of the Faith™):
Abolishing all civil marriage is the primary goal of the elites who have been pushing same sex marriage. The scheme called “marriage equality” is not an end in itself, and never really has been. The LGBT agenda has spawned too many other disparate agendas hostile to the existence of marriage, making marriage “unsustainable,” if you will. By now we should be able to hear the growing drumbeat to abolish civil marriage, as well as to legalize polygamy and all manner of reproductive technologies.

Recycled: Gay marriage kills babies

The conservative Catholic LifeSiteNews is running an article from last night  that is from Voice of the Family which is a project of the UK anti-choice, anti-gay Society for the Protection of Unborn Children or SPUC. They try to hide the association but the domain is registered to a SPUC spokesman (why do I want to write "spoke spucsman?"), Matthew McCusker.

The argument (if you can call it that) goes something like this. Same-sex marriage devalues the institution of marriage which causes fewer women to marry which results in more out-of-wedlock births which, in turn, causes more abortions. Therefore, it seems abundantly clear that gay marriage kills babies. Right?

BTW, THIS guy in Vegas says no same-sex weddings for him

(Bad) Elvis impersonator David Nye and Dolly de Leon claim to have strong religious objections to same-sex marriage, and they would rather lose customers at their downtown chapel than tarnish their ideals.

According to Nye, who owns A Elvis Chapel in Las Vegas “We are traditional Christians. We simply would be violating our beliefs if we participated in that activity.” Sure.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

More shameless bullshit in a North Carolina ad from NOM

National Organization for Marriage demonstrates its deceit and conceit. In a new advertisement for Thom Tillis titled "Kay Hagan's Judge" the anti-gay group claims that a judge picked by Senator Hagan is responsible for overturning North Carolina's same-sex marriage ban.

First of all, it is President Obama who nominates judges, not Senators. The judge in question, Max O. Cogburn, Jr., was confirmed by the Senate 96 to 0. The same conclusion was reached by a second North Carolina judge, William Lindsay Osteen Jr.. Osteen was appointed by George W. Bush.

"8 witches who turned to God" and they wonder why their credibility is under water

This really is a story in today's Christian Post; The Power of Testimonies and 8 Witches Who Turned to God. For example:
Mike is a former Third Degree initiated witch with 20 years' experience in traditional witchcraft and a former clan head of the Black Forest Tradition. Today, this gifted musician and songwriter is actively involved in his church's worship team and plays a crucial part in ministering to the occult.
Seriously? And these are the same people who would instruct us on how to lead our lives and who we should love. How can anyone engage in a serious discussion with crackpots?

Why have a meeting if your position is non-negotiable?

Mayor Anise Parker of Houston has agreed to meet with a delegation of  evangelical pastors this afternoon at 3:30 PM. According to their press release:
The members will discuss their urgent concerns and announce their non-negotiable requirement that the city immediately withdraw its demand for pastoral communications to be surrendered to city attorneys.
If the conservative Christian anti-gay group would withdraw their lawsuit then the discovery developed through subpoenas would be unnecessary. This little bit of drama was developed by Pat Mahoney of the Christian Defense Coalition and Rob Schenck of the National Clergy Council.

Neither group seems to be recognized as a not-for-profit organization. Moreover, I was unable to find so much as a website for either group. I wonder if the mayor realizes who she is meeting with.

NOM is just flailing away without clear purpose

As I previously noted, with the advent of marriage equality in North Carolina, National Organization for Marriage has nothing to show for its entire existence. How many millions of dollars have they pissed away in pursuit of banning same-sex marriage?

Now it has been reported that NOM has spent $117,000 on mailers supporting North Carolina House Speaker, Republican Thom Tillis who is running against incumbent Kay Hagan for the US Senate. NOM has also spent over $8,000 on three TV commercials opposing same-sex marriage (which indirectly support Tillis). That amounts to a $125,000 hissy fit — for what?

Evangelical leader Russell Moore denounces ex-gay therapy

Russell Moore
Via RNS:
Southern Baptist leader Russell Moore denounced reparative therapy at a conference here, saying the controversial treatment that attempts to change a person’s sexual orientation has been “severely counterproductive.”

Moore, who is president of the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, spoke to a group of journalists as part of the commission’s national conference on Tuesday (Oct. 28). He gave similar remarks to a audience of 1,300 people at the conference.

Monday, October 27, 2014

In spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary FRC's Sprigg claims, as FACT, that gay couples are not good parents

Peter Sprigg, Family Research Council
Peter Sprigg, Family Research Council
According to Peter Sprigg of Family Research Council, Fact, not opinion - hetero parents better for kids than same-sex parents. The piece appears on the “news” blog of American Family Association. According to Rev. Sprigg:
Children raised by opposite-sex married parents experience lower rates of many social pathologies, including: 1) premarital childbearing; 2) illicit drug use; 3) arrest; 4) health, emotional or behavioral problems; 5) poverty and 6) school failure or expulsion.

Now that NOM v. IRS is settled, will the Service proceed with enforcement?

National Organization for Marriage
National Organization for Marriage still has to explain some highly suspect financial transactions during 2012. As I noted last November, NOM Education Fund ("NOMed") took in over $4,000,000 in large contributions. At least 80% of that money was spent to support NOM.

Why is that a problem? Contributions to NOMed are tax deductible while contributions to NOM are not. The appearance is that NOM used NOMed as a conduit so that donations could be tax deductible.

I made a referral to the Service last November. We should have NOM's 2013 financial reports in about three weeks. I will refer the matter again, either for 2012 and 2013 or just 2012.

Westboro Baptist Church is doing us a huge favor

The virulently and irrationally anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka Kansas is inadvertently doing the gay community an enormous solid. The church filed a motion on Saturday (see below) in US District Court for Kansas to intervene in the same-sex marriage litigation before the court.

Kansas is in the Tenth Circuit. The Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals has already ruled in favor of marriage equality in Utah and the Supreme Court declined to hear further appeals. Therefore, the law in the circuit affirms the recognition of same-sex marriage. An appeal before a US district court judge is, thus, an exercise in futility. When did WBC ever make any sense?

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Belligerent and obtuse, ADF is increasingly and deliberately deceitful

Last night, Alliance Defending Freedom took to their blog with a piece titled “Setting the Record Straight: 4 Things You Need to Know About the Hitching Post Case.” Not only have they failed to set the record straight, they have been freshly disingenuous in an effort to cover up their past deceitfulness.

We expect lawyers to be zealous advocates. We are perfectly willing to accept some hyperbole here — some spin there. Being barefaced liars is another matter entirely. ADF has become a group of barefaced liars. They are taking advantage of their incurious audience. What is more insidious is the notion that they are on God's side. A little fib now and then in defense of “His Kingdom” is not only tolerable but compulsory. It is religious arrogance.  ADF intentionally creates confusion about what Equal Protection and Due Process mean for their fellow LGBT citizens for whom they hold considerable animus.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Now John Eastman wants to fleece taxpayers

John Eastman
With John Eastman as its chairman and lead attorney, it's easy to see how National Organization for Marriage spent $700 thousand in legal fees to get back only $50 thousand. Now Eastman wants state officials to squander taxpayer money in a similar fashion for no discernible purpose whatsoever. According to the AP last Thursday;
John Eastman, chairman of the anti-gay marriage National Organization for Marriage, agreed with [Sarah] Warbelow [HRC legal director] that federal judges [in Kansas, South Carolina and Montana] almost certainly will rule to allow same-sex marriages. But Eastman urged state officials to continue to put up a legal fight until the Supreme Court decides the issue one way or the other.

"Until the Supreme Court decides it, this remains a viable option," Eastman said.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Blowhard Bill Donohue is scare mongering again

William A. Donohue
Blowhard Bill Donohue is scare mongering that houses of worship could be forced to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies. It is patently absurd and I suspect that Blowhard Bill knows better. It is blatantly dishonest.

Donohue is a divorced man who has taken it upon himself to be the apologist for the Catholic Church in America. This is not just a hobby. In 2012, Blowhard Bill was paid $465,000 to run a $3.7 million organization. That nearly 13% which is way out of line. Nevertheless if his board and donors are willing, more power to him. But I digress. Today Blowhard Bill writes:

Elaine Donnelly is VERY angry with the Department of Defense

Elaine Donnelly is mad as hell that the US military is surveying LGB service members to see how they are fairing since the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell. According to American Family Association's “news” blog Donnelly “contends the survey only cares about the opinions of a group that makes up less than one percent of the military.” Seriously, that's her beef. Donnelly goes on to explain:
It really is a ludicrous concept to single out a special-interest, very tiny minority and proclaim the intent to survey the opinions only of that group to the exclusion of everyone else. The administration has misused the military in many ways. This is just another example.

Houston, we have a hate fest

Brian Brown
Brian Brown dropped in on my inbox last night to tell me that National Organization for Marriage is a partner in I Stand Sunday, which is scheduled for November 2. As usual, Mr. Brown is rather loose with the facts.
Five pastors and churches in have had their internal church communications subpoenaed by Mayor Annise Parker. This is part of an intimidation campaign that comes amidst a lawsuit brought by citizens against the city of Houston after a petition from residents was basically thrown out by the city administration.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

NOM v IRS discussed in Forbes - will NOM continue to remain silent?

Peter J. Reilly, a CPA writes about tax matters for Forbes. He provides a very good summary of NOM v. IRS today titled National Organization For Marriage - No Recovery Of Attorney Fees In Case Against IRS  (Jeremy and I get mentions). Reilly eventually gets to the point:
Looking at NOM, however, you have to wonder what they were up to dumping 700 grand into this case which is entirely tangential to their mission of supporting traditional marriage.  NOM grossed $7,207,412 in 2011 and $11,052,833 in 2012, so  $691,025 is a lot of money to put into a litigation lottery ticket.

Why is the right celebrating something that will get undone shortly?

Peter Sprigg - FRC
Why is this guy smiling?
According to Peter Sprigg at Family Research Council, U. S. District Court Judge Juan M. Pérez-Giménez of Puerto Rico has a monopoly on legal wisdom:
The fundamental basis of the opinion by Judge Pérez-Giménez was a simple one, but one that most of the other courts addressing this issue have sidestepped—namely, that there is already binding Supreme Court precedent on whether the U.S. Constitution requires states to permit “marriages” of same-sex couples, and the answer is, “No.”

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Log Cabin has gone completely insane

I must have missed this bit of batshittery. According to the AP, the Log Cabin Republicans of Nevada filed a complaint on Oct. 2 with the state attorney general alleging that Clark County officials illegally issued same-sex marriage licenses before the state's gay marriage ban was struck down earlier this month.

Now they want to withdraw the complaint. According to Ed Williams, president of the Nevada group, the Log Cabin Republicans support gay marriage. But Williams says it was important that it be done legally. Awww.

So let me see if I understand this. While the matter was still being resolved by the Ninth Circuit, while Monte Neil Stewart was doing the crazy things that Monte Neil Stewart does to oppose marriage equality, these folks' priority was to whine about marriage licenses that might have been issued too early? That was at the top of their list.

Now they are claiming that Houston's officials are guilty of fraud

Houston Skyline
Today on American Family Association's "news" blog, Pastor Steve Riggle of Grace Community Church, who is one of five pastors subpoenaed, claims that the city committed fraud. They also claim to have gathered more than 50,000 signatures in total. The bottom line to all this animus is that the city passed a non-discrimination ordinance that these folks don't like. Add a lesbian (the mayor) and a Jew (the city attorney) as actors in denying ballot certification and they are enraged.

According to the City Secretary Anna Russell the petitioners submitted about 600 more signatures than the 17,269 required to get a referendum on the November ballot. So we are looking at fewer that 18,000 valid signatures, not 50,000.

NOM on Girgis' sophomoric argument

Sherif Girgis
Yesterday I wrote: “Even Sherif Girgis' piece on Witherspoon's blog last night isn't worth the effort. It's one of those ‘the kid's wrong — so what?’” Today, the folks at National Organization for Marriage are doing “eureka” in unison over Girgis' essay. Hence it's worth a little time to deal with the bit that NOM finds so appealing. NOM re-quotes;
The Supreme Court closely scrutinizes policies involving racial, sexual, and other "suspect" classifications. But unlike almost every other classification imaginable, marriage laws use a criterion necessarily linked to an inherently good social purpose that we didn't just invent. This criterion isn't truly suspect and shouldn't get heightened scrutiny.
The primary question regarding the definition of marriage is not whether any particular class of individuals (gay, straight, male, female) has a special link to the common good, but whether certain couples do. And it shifts the burden of proof onto those who would find no such link.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

OMG: Tony Perkins + Glenn Beck + The Robertsons together at last

I can scarcely contain the stream of sarcastic profanity. This is part of this evening's email from Family Research Council. A Paddling of Schmucks. None of this crap is even true.

AFA's Buddy Smith claims that our mission is to destroy marriage

On Monday, two couples filed suit in federal court seeking recognition of same-sex marriage in Mississippi which is home to American Family Association. In  AFA's “news” blog AFA VP, Buddy Smith, is quoted as saying:
… it's coming from a very radical group that not only intends to redefine marriage, but from an understanding of the Bible of what marriage is they simply want to destroy it. It's a mission of destruction.

Ryan T. Anderson and the dead stalking horse he is beating

Ryan T. Anderson
Ryan T. Anderson
Ryan T, Anderson, a staunch Defender of the Faith®, is still trying to convince others (and perhaps himself) that there is something unconstitutional about all of the rulings that support same-sex marriage. Now he blames President Obama and liberals in general. Writing in the Daily Signal (which is a Heritage Foundation blog disguised as a news site):
This is a case study in how liberals “evolve” on policy. First they embrace a policy change. If they can’t convince a majority of Americans to vote for their preferred policy, they discover that the Constitution requires their preferred policy. So, according to the Obama of today, the Obama of early 2012 held an unconstitutional view of marriage. Or, perhaps, it wasn’t unconstitutional back then but it is now.

Apparently lawyers at ADF are proficient mind readers

liar liar
Today Alliance Defending Freedom has once again claimed that the city of Houston has issued subpoenas to local pastors for the purpose of silencing and intimidating them. That is unsupported conjecture that ADF states as fact. The continue to personally attack the mayor of Houston.

ADF, a Christianist legal group, is representing a few ministers who were subpoenaed for records in Houston. Those are records pertaining to signature gathering for a failed attempt to put an initiative (to repeal the city's anti-discrimination ordinance) on the ballot. The city is a defendant in a lawsuit claiming that it improperly invalidated signatures.

Boring, Boring, Boring

Last night I tried to find a conservative Christian post that would make a good blog post in the morning. With few exceptions, the entire right wing is either discussing the persecuted pastors in Houston or the persecuted pastors in Cour d'Alene, Idaho or both. How many times can one write about the same bullshit? The plight of the persecuted majority. From to VCY-America, that's all that they have to write about.

Aren't these people wearing out their audience? Surely it overlaps. AFA, FRC and NOM, for example, have pretty much the same people reading their spew. Right?

Come on folks. Give me more material. Stimulate the short Jew. Surely the Homosexual Agenda™ is sufficiently insidious to provide a diversity of outrage. I know, there's always Porno Pete or Bam-Bam Barber but that's not even fair. Even Sherif Girgis' piece on Witherspoon's blog last night isn't worth the effort. It's one of those “the kid's wrong — so what?”

Fuck it. I'm hooked on Brahms lately (I own a ton of symphonic music). I'm thinking beach-cigar-phone-headset-cigar. You never know. Maybe the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals will finally render a decision. Meanwhile we are having Chamber of Commerce weather. SPF 30 anyone?

Monday, October 20, 2014

Holy Crap - NOM Goes Knapp

National Organization for Marriage
National Organization for Marriage is apparently “wed” to the notion that marriage equality should not exist because our constitutional rights to due process and equal protection create a (what I consider implausible) conflict with local non-discrimination ordinances. It's a ridiculous argument per se. Yet NOM will never waste a self-manufactured “victim,” no matter how silly. Therefore it comes as no surprise that Brian Brown's latest opus includes:
Just ask Donald and Evelyn Knapp of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Now that a federal court has struck down the state's marriage amendment, city officials have told them that, as ordained ministers running the Hitching Post Wedding Chapel, they are required to perform same-sex weddings or face months in jail and/or thousands of dollars in fines!

FRC: Ministers Beware

The husband and wife team of Donald and Evelyn Knapp are quite proficient at ringing the clapper in the right wing Christian echo chamber. They've gotten their 15 minutes and the second hand will get stuck for as long as right wing Christian outlets portray them as the victim du jour of the homosexual agenda™. This is a publicity stunt.

Pennsylvania Pol Compares Gays to Islamists, Atheists, Communists and Marxists

Sam Roher
Sam Roher
According to Sam Roher in Charisma News (of course):
While their intentions and goals are different, the extreme tactics and messaging of Islam, Communism/Marxism/atheism and the well-organized, well-funded homosexual agenda have frightening similarities: all demand agreement with them, or else. This is where political correctness and forsaking God has brought this nation. It's time that all those who would not subscribe to the ideologies of these three groups stand together, or we will hang separately.
This was in reference to the subpoenas served on Houston pastors by the lawyers representing the city of Houston which is a defendant in a lawsuit.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

David Caton's Hobby is Al Jazeera

David Caton heads the one-man hate factory known as Florida Family Association. Caton is the fuckwit who rents those airplane banners to fly over Orlando during gay days at Disney. After all, he has an obligation to warn parents, right?

However, Mr. Caton spends most of his time away from the gay. He is  recording and reviewing Al Jazeera America, hundreds of hours each week. Unlike most of us, Caton fast forwards past the content; his interest is in the advertisers. According to Mr. Caton, those advertisers are supporting right-wing jihad or … something.

I am particularly amused by Mr. Caton's latest fatwa (links added):

Friday, October 17, 2014

What NOM's $640,000 loss says about their management and lawyers

When National Organization for Marriage began its lawsuit against the Internal Revenue Service it was based on a fanciful Tea Partyesque conspiracy theory. According to their hypothesis, using the IRS the Obama administration was out to punish NOM for opposing same-sex marriage. Thus, the administration engineered the release, by the IRS, of a confidential 2008 donor schedule. The entire enterprise was based on conjecture which never made a whit of common sense to any reasonably rational person.

This ended up costing NOM over $640,000 of donated money.

FRC's Sprigg doesn't read what he links to - or doesn't think that his audience will bother

Peter Sprigg - Family Research Council
Trained as a Baptist minister, Peter Sprigg is Family Research Council's point man on all things relating to LGBT people. Sprigg laments:
On Sunday, October 12, Family Research Council President Tony Perkins appeared on Fox News Sunday to debate the redefinition of marriage with Ted Olson, a prominent Republican attorney and advocate of giving civil marriage licenses to homosexual couples.

At one point in the discussion, Olson began to argue that we should redefine marriage because it would benefit children who are being raised by same-sex couples. Perkins replied, “We know from the social science that children do best with a mom and a dad.”

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Breaking: NOM takes a $640,000 haircut

National Organization for Marriage
United States Circuit Court Judge James Cacheris has denied reimbursement of legal fees to National Organization for Marriage for their lawsuit against the IRS. NOM claimed that they spent over $690,000 in legal expenses. Much of that went to NOM's chairman, John Eastman. That presupposes that the sums were actually disbursed and NOM has been known to fib from time to time and Eastman is a pathological liar.

NOM lost substantially all of this case. The government agreed to a settlement of $50,000 for having inadvertently disclosed a donor schedule.

Typical National Organization for Marriage. Spend $690 thousand to get back $50 thousand. Brian Brown and John Eastman are geniuses I tell you.

Holy crap, the Houston Hoax is spreading faster than a trucker on meth

Every right wing outlet is peddling this BS about the subpoenaed Houston pastors. I have written about this. So has Equality Matters. People believe this hoax because it is consistent with the narrative that Christians are a persecuted minority. The fact that the mayor of Houston is a lesbian fits right in (although it is irrelevant).

Log Cabin is Just Plain Nuts!

This advertisement was on South Florida Gay News. It was apparently paid for by the Log Cabin Republicans (see below).

How could any self-respecting LGBT person possibly vote for Rick Scott?

In addition to opposing marriage equality, Scott opposed adoption by gay couples (a law which the courts have stuck down). In February, Scott refused to say whether he supported or opposed the pending license-to-discriminate bill in Arizona.

Is Florida's gubernatorial race a new referendum on marriage equality?

Inasmuch as marriage is the legal union of only one man and one woman as husband and wife, no other legal union that is treated as marriage or the substantial equivalent thereof shall be valid or recognized.”

Florida Amendment 2 — 2008
As a resident of South Beach, I am not at all amused by the fan incident in last night's debate between Charlie Crist and Florida Gov. Rick Scott. However their views on marriage equality are worth noting. Scott told the statewide television audience Wednesday that he supports traditional marriage but ultimately it is a question the courts will decide.

Well I, too, support traditional marriage. I also support same-sex marriage. The only reason that the courts are deciding this matter is because Scott and his attorney general (Pam Bondi) have done everything possible (at taxpayer's expense) to defend Florida's 2008 ban.

Vatican playing re-translation games

Apparently the Vatican is trying to appease United States Catholic conservatives. It has re-translated the English language version of the interim synod report that was issued on Monday. For example, "welcoming homosexual persons" has been re-translated to "providing for homosexual persons." The Italian version of the document remains the same.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

AFA asks: 'Are same-sex 'marriage' states ridding themselves of Christians?'

The simple answer is no to the question posed on American Family Association's “news” blog. Michael F. Haverluck (?) goes on to write:
With 30 states now legalizing same-sex “marriage” — 11 court decisions overturned marriage protection amendments this month alone — many are fearing that Christian wedding vendors may become extinct as quickly as the 20 remaining states that still honor marriage as a union only between one man and one woman.

NOM has the audacity to assert that they "stand for the American family"

National Organization for Marriage, along with hate groups Family Leader and Family Research Council are engaged in a bus tour of Iowa in an effort to support religious-conservative candidates.  In addition to backing the usual suspects like the ever nutty Steve King, the hope is that Republicans can retake the state senate and roll back marriage equality; A fact of life in Iowa since 2009. Did the corn stop growing five years ago? What calamity has Iowa suffered as a result of marriage equality?

More importantly. Standing for the American Family means standing for all families including those headed by same-sex couples. Anything else is downright un-American.

American values include equality and fairness.

NOM seems quite interested in gender identity - must have SOMETHING to do with marriage

According to National Organization for Marriage: Nebraska School Insists: Stop Referring to Students by "Gendered Expressions" Such as "Boys and Girls." Not really. No one is insisting on anything. If someone actually takes the time to read the piece in Nebraska's Journal Star (rather than Todd Starnes' usual poor-us-white-heterosexual-persecuted-Christians rubbish) they would understand that teachers, not students, not parents but teachers were provided with a handout created by an outside group with gender neutral suggestions.

About those subpoenas - Todd Starnes making mischief again

Todd Starnes
Updated with reaction from FRC's Tony Perkins.

The right wing narrative, ignited by Fox's own culture warrior — Todd Starnes, is that the City of Houston is attempting to silence and intimidate local pastors by serving them with lengthy subpoenas for document production. Starnes quotes one of ADF's fuckwits saying.
Political and social commentary is not a crime. It is protected by the First Amendment.
The lawyer is correct on both counts of course. Nobody has suggested anything to to contrary.

Tony Perkins exists to denigrate gay people

For Tony Perkins, leader of the hate group Family Research Council, demonizing minorities is second nature. We sometimes forget that Perkins has direct connections to David Duke and the Klan. There are probably white sheets with eye-holes in Perkins' closet.

Last night Perkins sent out an email to supporters with this bit of sunshine:
Protestants are finding it more difficult to communicate openness to men and women outside the church when increasingly people define themselves by their sexual behavior. We can and should embrace all people who are created in the image of God, but that does not mean we can or should embrace behavior that is contrary to Scripture. There's a difference between welcoming sinners and affirming their behavior. And on that, the Church must be clear.

Witherspoon: Robert George representing the Catholic far right

Robert P. George, co-founder of both the Witherspoon Institute and National Organization for Marriage takes to the Witherspoon blog to explain Catholic teachings on homosexuality in light of the mid-term report from the synod. George isn't a flame thrower like Tony Perkins. No, George is far more pernicious through subtlety and the credibility of occupying and endowed chair at Princeton. His hate speech is couched in the language of a tenured college professor. George has a way of floating a theory in one paragraph and then accepting it as truth in the next. The product is intellectually dishonest rhetoric. Anything from Witherspoon (associated with Opus Dei) represents the very far right of Catholic culture.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Robert Knight compares marriage equality to Ebola and radical Islam

Robert Knight has worked for various anti-gay hate groups. He is a professional anti-gay bigot. He is currently with the American Civil Rights Union (very original naming). On Friday afternoon, Knight penned Living in the age of insanity, from Ebola to radical Islam to gay marriage for the Unification Church's Washington Times.

We’re living in an age of insanity. Let’s start with Ebola.
[followed by bat-shit conspiracy theories]

NOM ponders the case of someone marrying herself

National Organization for Marriage has dropped any pretense of intellectualism. In a blog post this afternoon they ask: When Marriage is Redefined, What Prevents a Person from "Marrying" His/Herself?

They note:
After being single for six years, a London woman took matters into her own hands by "marrying" herself.

Grace Gelder, a photographer, says she was inspired by the Björk song Isobel, and was “on a journey of personal development using meditation, dance and performance” to increase her “self-awareness,” focusing on a program about “sexuality and how this was bound up with making agreements with yourself and other people.”

RNS: Vatican stuns Catholic world with greater openness toward gays and lesbians

VATICAN CITY (RNS) The world’s Catholic bishops on Monday (Oct. 13) signaled a move toward greater tolerance of gays and lesbians, an about-face so unexpected that leaders of the church’s right wing called it a “betrayal.”

Noting that gays and lesbians have “gifts and qualities” to offer the church, the mid-point assessment reflected the impact that Pope Francis seems to be having on the two-week Synod on the Family as he pushes for a more open, less doctrinaire approach.

“Are we capable of welcoming these people, guaranteeing them a fraternal space in our communities?” said the communique from the nearly 200 bishops and lay delegates. “Often they wish to encounter a church that offers them a welcoming home.

Barber: Same-sex marriage isn't about equality or civil rights - It's a clash of good vs. evil

Matt Barber

Matt Barber has a piece on Charisma today titled What the Gay Marriage Debate Is Really About. May I digress? I always enjoy Barber's mini-bio at the bottom of every piece that he writes:
Matt Barber is founder and editor-in chief of He is an author, columnist, cultural analyst and an attorney concentrating in constitutional law. Having retired as an undefeated heavyweight professional boxer, Matt has taken his fight from the ring to the culture war.