Friday, October 10, 2014

An irrelevant Huckabee threatens to leave GOP over gay marriage

Poor Mike. He remains irrelevant. Sure there is a core of conservative Christians who would like nothing better than to see the Huckster as POTUS. There just aren't enough of those people to make it happen. These are the folks who might drool over a Huckabee-Palin ticket regardless of the intellectual deficiencies.

Huck is opposed to marriage equality. What a shock. I'd love to hear a coherent explanation of why the children of gay couples should be intentionally disadvantaged by the state. I'm sure that we would get the usual double-talk. Of course none of the theories will be supported by evidence. Huck doesn't need empirical evidence. He has his Christian faith.

I do hope that Huckabee and his ilk leave the GOP. In order to send a message that they think is important he's only going to get more pro-tolerance Democrats elected. But we get it Mike. Your dominionist Christian faith is more important than American values of equality and fairness. Let us conform American public policy to the Bible and we can return to the Bronze Age. How does Mike feel about creationism? Climate change?

I want someone in the White House who will champion, and ultimately sign, ENDA. I want someone in the White House who will understand our need for reasonable gun safety measures. We have had six years of obstruction because the Black guy won the presidency — twice. I would like to see our congressmen try that bullshit with someone like Hillary Clinton who knows how to fight back. For all his potential, Obama has not been adept at handling the miscreants in Congress. He's not a fighter.

Really. I truly hope that some whack job like Rand Paul or Ted Cruz is the GOP nominee with Huckabee running as an independent. Meanwhile just think about how spectacularly stupid it is to leave your political party over an issue as inconsequential as marriage equality. Of course it is not inconsequential to the gay men and women who are able to wed plus their children and families but in the greater scheme of things it is just a blip on the screen.

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