Friday, October 24, 2014

Blowhard Bill Donohue is scare mongering again

William A. Donohue
Blowhard Bill Donohue is scare mongering that houses of worship could be forced to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies. It is patently absurd and I suspect that Blowhard Bill knows better. It is blatantly dishonest.

Donohue is a divorced man who has taken it upon himself to be the apologist for the Catholic Church in America. This is not just a hobby. In 2012, Blowhard Bill was paid $465,000 to run a $3.7 million organization. That nearly 13% which is way out of line. Nevertheless if his board and donors are willing, more power to him. But I digress. Today Blowhard Bill writes:

Even after Obama could no longer find God in the mix — he endorsed gay marriage in 2012 — he still defended the right of religious institutions to “define and consecrate marriage.” But now that he has discovered a right to gay marriage in the U.S. Constitution — one that clearly escaped the Framers, as well as jurisprudential <sic> experts throughout the nation’s history — he has teed up the ultimate collision, the secured First Amendment to religious liberty versus the alleged constitutional right of two men to marry.
Utter nonsense. The Supreme Court has held that marriage is a basic civil right on at least eight occasions since the mid 20th century. Nevertheless, houses of worship have had the unconditional right to determine who they will marry under what circumstances as well as when, where and how they will perform the marriage.

Blowhard Bill continues:
For years we have been told by the promoters of gay marriage that those who have religious objections need not worry. In 2012, when Denmark legalized homosexual marriage, churches were forced to perform same-sex weddings. This did not deter Emily Bazelon at Slate from saying that there is “not a chance” that churches in the U.S. would be “forced to perform gay weddings.” She even called such predictions “the scare tactic conservative groups use to frighten voters.” She shouted, “We are not Denmark!”
Ms. Bazelon is correct. We are not Denmark and nothing has changed. And then we get to Idaho (of course):
In a small town outside Boise, Idaho two ordained ministers were sued for refusing to perform a gay wedding. If convicted, they face going to prison for three years and stiff fines.
Wrong! Blowhard Bill needs a fact checker. They did not refuse to perform a same-sex wedding and they were not sued. Furthermore, they operate a for-profit public accommodation. They sued the city of Coeur d'Alene preemptively. The city has responded that they are not required to perform ceremonies contrary to their faith. Blowhard Bill continues:
Today, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) the nation’s most influential gay lobbying organization, and many catholic dissident groups, are doing just that. HRC is now monitoring and rating bishops on how they fare on this subject, seeking to intimidate what they call “The Best of the Worst Catholic Bishops Across the Country.”
HRC is pointing out eight of the bishops with the most hateful rhetoric on marriage equality and other LGBT issues. It has nothing to do with suing to marry in churches (idiot). We could stop doing that if the bishops would simply be content to instruct their adherents. But that is not the case. Those prelates are trying to impose Catholic teachings about marriage (and other issues) on everyone else by force of law. Bill laments in conclusion:
Those who say this issue is lost are ignoring how we got to this point.

Were it not for unelected judges overturning the express will of the people — in state after state — attempts to subvert marriage, properly understood, would not have succeeded.

We need to return power to the people, the one expression of power that those who previously championed this slogan literally fear today.
Well Bill, it has succeeded. National marriage equality is now an inevitable conclusion. Moreover, judges are supposed to thwart the will of the people (expressed as a ballot initiative or through their elected representatives) when that will results in laws that are unconstitutional. Every sitting federal judge has the consent of the people's senators. The fact that they are not elected is supposed to be a good thing. I trust the Senate Judiciary Committee over voters who get their notions of jurisprudence from Fox News. In fact, some of those people get their information from imbeciles like Mr. Donohue who is consistently inaccurate with facts and spectacularly misinforming with his opinions.

Party on Bill. Party on.

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