Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Boring, Boring, Boring

Last night I tried to find a conservative Christian post that would make a good blog post in the morning. With few exceptions, the entire right wing is either discussing the persecuted pastors in Houston or the persecuted pastors in Cour d'Alene, Idaho or both. How many times can one write about the same bullshit? The plight of the persecuted majority. From AlMohler.com to VCY-America, that's all that they have to write about.

Aren't these people wearing out their audience? Surely it overlaps. AFA, FRC and NOM, for example, have pretty much the same people reading their spew. Right?

Come on folks. Give me more material. Stimulate the short Jew. Surely the Homosexual Agenda™ is sufficiently insidious to provide a diversity of outrage. I know, there's always Porno Pete or Bam-Bam Barber but that's not even fair. Even Sherif Girgis' piece on Witherspoon's blog last night isn't worth the effort. It's one of those “the kid's wrong — so what?”

Fuck it. I'm hooked on Brahms lately (I own a ton of symphonic music). I'm thinking beach-cigar-phone-headset-cigar. You never know. Maybe the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals will finally render a decision. Meanwhile we are having Chamber of Commerce weather. SPF 30 anyone?

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