Friday, October 3, 2014

Brian Brown takes to the Washington Times to criticize HRC

Brian S. Brown, head of National Organization for Marriage has contributed an op-ed to the Washington Times. Brown starts off pretty much as expected because Brown is a bigot. Unmoved by facts or a changing landscape we already know what people like David Duke or Tony Perkins or Brian Brown are going to say.
The grossly misnamed Human Rights Campaign recently issued a so-called “report” titled “The Export of Hate” that is nothing but an intentionally misleading, hate-filled attack on individuals and organizations who oppose its agenda of forcing a redefinition of marriage in America and throughout the world.

Mr. Brown knows perfectly well that he is being criticized for demonizing gay people in order to support the world-wide endeavors of the Catholic Church along with its “objectively disordered” bullshit. Misleading how?

As is its custom, the Human Rights Campaign cites long-discredited and ideologically partisan sources such as the Southern Poverty Law Center to give apparent credibility to its hate-filled invective. The HRC also intentionally misrepresent facts, twisting them beyond recognition to justify the charge that somehow supporting marriage as the union of one man and one woman around the world is wrong.
Brown leaves out some important details. Who has discredited the SPLC? They are advisers to law enforcement at both the federal and local levels throughout the country. SPLC represents the best informed source regarding the activities of hate groups. Exactly which facts have been misrepresented or twisted? Brown doesn't tell us. Moreover, Brown does not merely support the notion that marriage is solely the union of one man and one woman. Brown's agenda is to ban same-sex marriage. He seeks to do so by routinely demonizing gay people and their families.
I readily and proudly plead guilty to the “crime” of not supporting that organization’s desire to redefine marriage. I have had the nerve to express that view not only here in America, but when invited to speak in other countries. Hence, in the distorted world of the campaign, I am an extremist and “export hate.”
Cute except that Brown disparages gay people as a threat to children. He does this at home and abroad. 
As the Human Rights Campaign well knows, I have consistently denounced hate and violence. It is a slur and lie to claim otherwise. It should be clear to any honest observer that the truth is not what the organization is after. Instead it simply seeks to silence and intimidate those with whom it disagrees. Hence, the self-professed purpose of the report is to name and shame those who stand for the truth of the nature of marriage.
Bigots can claim to be anything that they want. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, bigots incite violence. This is what has happened in Russia where thugs have the tacit approval of officials to brutalize gay people. Moreover, HRC is not out to silence or intimidate Brown. HRC's objective is to inform his audience. “The truth of the nature of marriage” is not up to Mr. Brown or his church. Marriage has different meanings to different participants. Civil marriage has nothing to do with what his church will consecrate. Brown's view is both condescending and simplistic. It is the condescending part that gets him into trouble.
The Human Rights Campaign, as a founding member of the Council for Global Equality and partner of the George Soros-funded International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association, is a key part of a network of organizations that have spent hundreds of millions of dollars worldwide attacking traditional faith communities, states and individuals who stand for the truth about marriage and family. They are in the phalanx of a new form of cultural imperialism that seeks to overthrow the traditions, wisdom and reason of cultures and faiths around the world.
And? We know what these organizations spend because they are financially transparent and file tax returns that are available for public inspection. On the other hand, the Catholic Church's expenditures to ban same-sex marriage are murky and opaque. Again with that condescension that he has the wisdom and reason to decide. The arrogance is rather remarkable when you consider that he is getting his ass kicked. NOM has already lost the argument. But it is always a good idea to figure out a way to mention George Soros.
Given such a global and organized attack on marriage and family, the Human Rights Campaign should not be surprised that pro-family nongovernmental organizations and individuals are increasingly cooperating and communicating. That such a pro-family global community is developing is, to be sure, a threat to the campaign’s goal of exporting the redefinition of marriage from a handful of mostly Western countries to the rest of the world.
Once again, only Brown's view is to be venerated. Everyone who disagrees with Brown (and the Church) on marriage equality is attacking marriage and family. It is rhetorical hyperbole. It's blatant BS.
As with other international coalitions, the emerging pro-family movement does not require that organizations or individuals agree on any and all, or even most, issues. It certainly does not mean that they agree on religion, foreign policy, party politics or economic policy. What they do share is a common belief that marriage and the family are the basic unit of civilization and must be protected.
First of all, we are as pro-family as this idiot. Protection from what exactly? What has happened after a decade of equality in Massachusetts or nearly a decade in Spain to suggest that marriage is at risk? The problem with religious objections is that they don't always make sense.

I'll skip a couple of paragraphs of repetition. Brown also claims that the HRC campaign has backfired based on the many messages of support that he has received. Sure. Finally to the conclusion.
Much work needs to be done both to protect marriage in this country and around the world. It will take courage, foresight, dialogue, resources and humility. Let those of us who know what is at stake view the Human Rights Campaign’s attack as an opportunity to quicken and enliven our efforts within our own countries and internationally. No matter what invective is hurled at us, no matter what lies are told, we can be sure that the most direct path to a civilization of love and peace is through protecting and nurturing the dignity of marriage and family.
Meaningless platitudes. “And who, disguised as Brian Brown … fights a never ending battle for truth, justice and the American way.” The problem with marriage has nothing to do with a few queers wanting to get legally hitched. Marriage has been fucked over by heterosexuals. Arch conservative Rush Limbaugh is on his fourth. Or did I miss one? Brown's problem is claiming to defend marriage by concentrating on a potentially very small (and benign) percentage while missing the big picture. It is intellectually dishonest. It's like shooting your neighbor's beagle while you are being attacked by a pack of wolves.

I am reminded that the Washington Times is effectively owned by the Unification Church, the Moonies. Brown is in the right venue to peddle such pablum which is demagoguery devoid of both fact and substance. Maybe he should try the National Enquirer.

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