Monday, October 6, 2014

Crazy Cruz blathers about judicial activism

Ted Cruz
Senator Ted Cruz has issued a statement today regarding the US Supreme Court's decision not to hear five marriage cases:
The Supreme Court’s decision to let rulings by lower court judges stand that redefine marriage is both tragic and indefensible. By refusing to rule if the States can define marriage, the Supreme Court is abdicating its duty to uphold the Constitution. The fact that the Supreme Court Justices, without providing any explanation whatsoever, have permitted lower courts to strike down so many state marriage laws is astonishing …
Judicial activism usually means that the Court did something that someone doesn't like. The assent of only four justices is required to hear a case. Therefore, at least six justices of the Supreme Court disagree with Cruz.

Of course the wacky Senator from Texas believes that he is a potential President of the United States Cruz. His pronouncements are geared towards the sentiments of his Tea Party base.

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