Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Evangelical leader Russell Moore denounces ex-gay therapy

Russell Moore
Via RNS:
Southern Baptist leader Russell Moore denounced reparative therapy at a conference here, saying the controversial treatment that attempts to change a person’s sexual orientation has been “severely counterproductive.”

Moore, who is president of the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, spoke to a group of journalists as part of the commission’s national conference on Tuesday (Oct. 28). He gave similar remarks to a audience of 1,300 people at the conference.

“The utopian idea if you come to Christ and if you go through our program, you’re going to immediately set free from attraction or anything you’re struggling with, I don’t think that’s a Christian idea,” Moore told journalists. “Faithfulness to Christ means obedience to Christ. It does not necessarily mean that someone’s attractions are going to change.”

This represents a major change in attitudes since Moore seemingly accepts the notion that sexual orientation is neither choice nor mutable. Reparative "therapy" leaves parents to wonder what they did wrong or, in the alternative, if their child is the spawn of Satan. I am reminded that 40% of homeless youth are presumed to be homeless because they got kicked out when they came out.

While Russell Moore is exceptionally influential, this is not going to be an easy concept for conservative Christians to embrace. "Choice" has been used to substantiate discrimination and intolerance.

However, this is far from acceptance. Moore expects gay people to be celibate and that is simply unrealistic. Moreover, Moore is a staunch opponents of marriage equality, ENDA, anti-bullying laws and anti-discrimination ordinances.

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