Thursday, October 16, 2014

Holy crap, the Houston Hoax is spreading faster than a trucker on meth

Every right wing outlet is peddling this BS about the subpoenaed Houston pastors. I have written about this. So has Equality Matters. People believe this hoax because it is consistent with the narrative that Christians are a persecuted minority. The fact that the mayor of Houston is a lesbian fits right in (although it is irrelevant).

In summary, Houston is the defendant in a lawsuit seeking to reverse an anti-discrimination ordinance. Opponents tried to get a referendum on the ballot. They failed to get enough signatures so of course the pervert who is the mayor must have put her faggoty thumb on the scale when the count was being verified. They sued. It's the American way.

Attorneys for the city have issued subpoenas to pastors for non-privileged discovery. They have probably cast too wide a net. That is what lawyers do. Other lawyers are objecting to the scope of the subpoenas. That is what lawyers do. The judge presiding over this case will have to decide what is fair game. That is what judges do.

This is the litigation kabuki that plays out in courtrooms across the country every day. In the end, everybody lives. Ugh!

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