Monday, October 20, 2014

Holy Crap - NOM Goes Knapp

National Organization for Marriage
National Organization for Marriage is apparently “wed” to the notion that marriage equality should not exist because our constitutional rights to due process and equal protection create a (what I consider implausible) conflict with local non-discrimination ordinances. It's a ridiculous argument per se. Yet NOM will never waste a self-manufactured “victim,” no matter how silly. Therefore it comes as no surprise that Brian Brown's latest opus includes:
Just ask Donald and Evelyn Knapp of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Now that a federal court has struck down the state's marriage amendment, city officials have told them that, as ordained ministers running the Hitching Post Wedding Chapel, they are required to perform same-sex weddings or face months in jail and/or thousands of dollars in fines!

“Months in jail? Oh my. Amid the hyperbole they sort of left out the part that this is a for-profit biz. But the absurdity gets greater when NOM tries to come up with reasons for people to donate more of their money. Money that has yielded not a single tangible lasting result over nearly seven years. For example:

In North Carolina, a federal judge recently struck down their marriage amendment, which was passed just two short years ago with 61% of the vote. Already, the news is reporting that a magistrate has had to resign rather than face the prospect of being forced to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples against his deeply held convictions. We must inform the people of North Carolina that their vote this November is a vote to protect marriage and the express will of the people!
So now we should be denied constitutional rights because a magistrate (a public servant paid by everyone's taxes) doesn't like the fact that those rights have been implemented? Seriously?

Furthermore, exactly what does NOM propose to do about it with other people's money? As far as I can tell, marriage equality in North Carolina is a done deal and not a single “traditional” marriage has been, or ever will be, affected. And there is this bit of sophistry:
In Louisiana, their marriage amendment is under review in the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals after a federal judge upheld its constitutionality. We must inform the people of Louisiana that their marriage law will NOT be safe if we don't elect marriage champions to defend them!
That's sweet but precisely what does not propose to do to influence the Fifth Circuit and, perhaps, the U.S. Supreme Court?  At lease six justices allowed our marriages to proceed by denying to hear cases from other circuits. They could have kept it in limbo and maintained the stays. What does that say about the investment value of donating even more money to NOM? But here's the best part:
But I also have to reiterate once more, that I will devote all of NOM's resources and energy to stand for the truth about marriage, and to advocate the importance of preserving it.
Really? So flying Brown to Russia and Australia and who knows where else, sometimes with his wife, advances banning same-sex marriage? And a few years ago, the Browns relocated to Philadelphia. There are now employees working out of another office in Philadelphia. Are duplicated expense and additional travel expenses part of advocating for NOM's agenda? Or are they just a convenience to Mr. Brown? Furthermore, on NOM's time, Brown is running ActRight which paid him an additional $40 thou in 2012. How is that advancing NOM's agenda?

Mr. Brown is a well compensated executive considering that only six years ago he was earning about $35,000 to run a small discrimination outfit in Connecticut. He failed in Connecticut and NOM has failed in the bigger leagues.

Do people actually think that the “F Troop” of public advocacy is suddenly going to become competent? Really?

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