Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Jennifer LeClaire on GLAAD

Jennifer LeClaire
Jennifer LeClaire, editor of Charisma has a new post titled Why You Shouldn't Be GLAAD About the Fall TV Lineup. It provides an interesting perspective on conservative Christian thinking. LeClaire writes:
The prince of the power of the air [GLAAD] is celebrating his success this week using media to promote the gay agenda and subtly indoctrinate a generation with the message "it's OK to be gay (or lesbian or bisexual or transgender or intersex or questioning)."

Is it not OK to be LGBT (if that is who you are)? In spite of all this “promotion” the percentage of people identifying as LGBT remains about the same. With all this increased indoctrinatin' and recruitin' goin' on due to the evil Jews who control the media the percentage of gay people should be increasing. The failure to understand the dynamics is a perfect example of the dearth of critical thinking on “their” part when it comes to sexuality.

I suspect that she doesn't understand what intersex means. Later on, LeClaire writes:
As I mentioned in my column last week that looked at the mainstream media's obsession with LGBTIQ characters, when Christian characters do make their way to mainstream television shows, they are usually portrayed as judgmental jerks who run around condemning everyone to hell. By way of comparison, LGBTIQ characters are typically funny, cute and otherwise endearing.
Apparently Jennifer wants to distance herself from the “judgmental jerks.” I'll save the keystrokes. I would scarcely know where to begin.

What LeClaire fails to appreciate (or doesn't want to accept) is the simple premise that GLAAD's agenda is to make life a bit better for LGBT people and their families. What on earth is wrong with that? What the fuck is wrong with that? This would not be essential were it not for LeClaire and her friends. Furthermore, Christians are not an oppressed minority.

She concludes:
It's obvious from the success of programming such as 19 Kids and Counting and Duck Dynasty—and let's not forget The Bible miniseries that broke all the records—that there is an appetite for wholesome content on television …
Is she implying that the inclusion of a gay character is unwholesome? Doesn't that depict Jennifer LeClaire as one of the “judgmental jerks?”  Isn't that precisely why we need GLAAD in the first place?

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