Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Log Cabin has gone completely insane

I must have missed this bit of batshittery. According to the AP, the Log Cabin Republicans of Nevada filed a complaint on Oct. 2 with the state attorney general alleging that Clark County officials illegally issued same-sex marriage licenses before the state's gay marriage ban was struck down earlier this month.

Now they want to withdraw the complaint. According to Ed Williams, president of the Nevada group, the Log Cabin Republicans support gay marriage. But Williams says it was important that it be done legally. Awww.

So let me see if I understand this. While the matter was still being resolved by the Ninth Circuit, while Monte Neil Stewart was doing the crazy things that Monte Neil Stewart does to oppose marriage equality, these folks' priority was to whine about marriage licenses that might have been issued too early? That was at the top of their list.

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