Thursday, October 9, 2014

NOM claims "it is judicial tyranny"

Brian S. Brown - NOM
National Organization for Marriage is no longer fighting to ban gay marriage. They are fighting for a compelling reason to continue to exist. Today's blog post, Demand Action Now! is a perfect example of the shift in strategy. According to Brian Brown:
It's not the way our system is supposed to work.... The very form of our government, a republican form of government, is at stake.
This is not democracy: it is judicial tyranny.
The answer is to contact your elected representatives (through a rather clumsy web form) because:

Legislative efforts to amend our Constitution to protect marriage are already underway. In the House, this initiative is being led by Representative Tim Huelskamp of Kansas. In the Senate, it is being spearheaded by Senator Ted Cruz of Texas.

Passing such an amendment is the only sure way of preventing unelected, activist judges from usurping the powers that belong rightly to the people and imposing their own radical agenda across America.
Aside from the fact that there is no way of getting a two-thirds majority in both houses of Congress, exactly which 38 states are going to ratify? They might have more luck searching for the holy grail. Brown sees NOM managing a 50 state campaign for ratification. Delusions of grandeur. It's never going to happen.

After a couple of paragraphs railing about our evil judiciary and the six SCOTUS justices (at least) who conspired to end western civilization as we know it, Brown jumps right into the delusion pool from the hyperbolic diving board.
It is already coming to pass that marriage between a man and a woman is being called an intrinsically unequal institution, and taught in our schools to be the equivalent of bigoted racist laws from America's dark past. It is already being urged that any restrictions upon "consenting relationships" on the part of government must be done away with—that anyone should be able to marry, in any arrangement they see fit, whether it be three or more people or even marriage to neself! <sic>
This guy is going to blow a gasket. It is the exclusion of gay couples (and their children) that is discriminatory or unequal. Brown's bigotry (and he is a bigot) has nothing to do with Jim Crow but it has the same effect. He is telling the children of gay couples that their parents are "objectively disordered." Moreover, there is no advocacy for marriage of just any form of consenting relationship (and certainly not marriage to oneself). The only issue is same-sex marriage. That's it. Brown wants to change the object.

As I wrote earlier today, what is absent from the campaign of our opponents is a presentation of the consequences of same-sex marriage along with evidence that those consequences exist. Until then it is just the same tired (and losing) rhetoric. It should insult the intelligence of NOM's constituency. Possibly it does not.

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