Wednesday, October 15, 2014

NOM seems quite interested in gender identity - must have SOMETHING to do with marriage

According to National Organization for Marriage: Nebraska School Insists: Stop Referring to Students by "Gendered Expressions" Such as "Boys and Girls." Not really. No one is insisting on anything. If someone actually takes the time to read the piece in Nebraska's Journal Star (rather than Todd Starnes' usual poor-us-white-heterosexual-persecuted-Christians rubbish) they would understand that teachers, not students, not parents but teachers were provided with a handout created by an outside group with gender neutral suggestions.

According to Brian Brown:
Now we see the tragic absurdity of a situation wherein, in response to gender dysphoria and confused sexual identities that may be conditions suffered by a certain number of kids, we confuse all kids by chiding them for calling themselves 'boys and girls' and name them instead after an imaginary creature, 'purple penguins.' (I suppose 'purple penguins,' unlike the black and white ones that live in Antarctica, don’t have biological sexes.)
Of course none of that is true. Brown is confusing a handout intended for teachers with instructions given to students. It is poor unadulterated bullshit from NOM's head bigot.

The larger questions remains. What does any of this have to do with marriage? Isn't that what National Organization for Marriage is supposed to be about? In point of fact, NOM has never been for anything. They exist (or existed) to oppose marriage equality as a proxy for the Catholic Church. Now it seems that they simply oppose their fellow citizens and taxpayers who happen to be LGBT. Moreover, their opposition is based on ignorance and unbridled prejudice.

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