Thursday, October 23, 2014

NOM v IRS discussed in Forbes - will NOM continue to remain silent?

Peter J. Reilly, a CPA writes about tax matters for Forbes. He provides a very good summary of NOM v. IRS today titled National Organization For Marriage - No Recovery Of Attorney Fees In Case Against IRS  (Jeremy and I get mentions). Reilly eventually gets to the point:
Looking at NOM, however, you have to wonder what they were up to dumping 700 grand into this case which is entirely tangential to their mission of supporting traditional marriage.  NOM grossed $7,207,412 in 2011 and $11,052,833 in 2012, so  $691,025 is a lot of money to put into a litigation lottery ticket.
What on earth were they thinking? There is no sense in rehashing this issue but it does bring up a question: At what point will NOM feel that they have to address burning through so much donor money for so little benefit? Thus far they claimed victory over the $50K.

The irony is that NOM claimed that this leak of information damaged their ability to raise funds. That's baloney (I'm being polite today). If anything damages fund raising it is squandering $700K to get back $50K. What kind of confidence would anyone have in NOM's management? Moreover, how would they explain the conflict of interests created when their chairman, John Eastman, became lead attorney?

I think that NOM would like this to just go away. I suspect that now it will spread further.

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