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Rivka Edelman? to the defense of Jana Darnelle on Witherspoon's pretentious blog

Every Jerk is a Victim
I wrote about Jana Darnelle on September 22. In short Darnelle claimed to be the victim of the homosexual agenda™. She married a gay man who reclaimed his identity and divorced her. He never should have entered into the marriage in the first place. Perhaps he would not have if the Catholic Church wasn't oppressing gay people as they do. Darnelle lost custody of her kids to her husband and his husband. You are free to draw your own inference. And she is pissed. Naturally this is all our fault.

Along comes Rivka Edelman who claims to be an advocate for adults raised by LGBT families. Edelman is not very prominent. She seems to be a colleague of whack job Robert Oscar Lopez who is wed to the notion that there is an international LGBT conspiracy against him. Lopez is an ex-bi (perhaps) who writes close-to-pornographic gay books, is a fundamentalist Catholic and was raised by a lesbian mother. He, too, is pissed off. It seems that all of these people are angry about something.

There must be some massive shortage of Prozac in these circles.

Anyhow (after that overwrought intro) Edelman takes to the pages of Witherspoon's blog to voice her outrage that the gay community reacted negatively to Darnelle's opus. She calls it Ruthless Misogyny (I seem to recall that she left a comment to that effect on the original piece in this blog).

My husband wanted primary custody of our children. His entire case can be summed up in one sentence: “I am gay, and I deserve my rights.” It worked: the judge gave him practically everything he wanted. At one point, he even told my husband, “If you had asked for more, I would have given it to you.”
She further claimed:
My husband had left us for his gay lover. They make more money than I do. There are two of them and only one of me. Even so, the judge believed that they were the victims.
A New Same-Sex Family—Built On the Ruins of Mine 
The bloggers and activists at Jeremy Hooper’s Good as You blog have used this judge’s decision to suggest that Darnelle was an unfit mother. Darnelle’s piece did not give details about the family’s custody arrangement, but I have confirmed that the mother has 60 percent custody of the children. This indicates that she has not been found to be “unfit” in any way.
Someone is incorrect. 60% custody would be primary custody which Darnelle seems to claim that she lost. If that's not the case then she is bitching about her husband having shared custody? Moreover, the economic story doesn't make sense. As I wrote in the original piece, husbands who are better off pay child support to level things out.

Rivkind seems very interested in trashing Jeremy Hooper and Scott Rose. As for me, Rivkind writes:
The publication of Janna Darnelle’s story led to a spate of blog posts full of vitriol, calling her “a pitiful creature,” accusing her of mental instability, and questioning her very existence.
I did and she is

Rivkind writes this nonsense:
The “unfit mother” trope is very important to men like Hooper and Rose, because it helps justify taking women’s children, eggs, or the use of their uteri. Darnelle is right. Many families headed by gay male couples are built upon exploitation of women.
I expect her to break into a long winded theory about a scheme to rob our precious bodily fluids (Gen. Jack D. Ripper in Dr. Strangelove for my younger readers). People speculated that she might be unfit because women usually get primary custody which Darnelle claimed she did not get.

One of the most ignorant and appalling parts of this lengthy, disorganized rant is this bit.
In the name of equality, groups such as GLAAD (which employs Jeremy Hooper) have pushed through gender identity laws that have legally erased women. The term “woman” now legally can refer to the way that a man chooses to identify himself. Once women have been erased legally as a group and as individuals, it is not hard to erase “mothers.” This lends support to the practice of using one woman’s eggs and another woman’s womb to supply children for gay male couples, obscuring the concept of motherhood and making it seem dispensable.
Right. Efforts to protect our fellow citizens who are transgender is part of some elaborate conspiracy to, well something that Rivkind doesn't like. I think that Robert Oscar Lopez is contagious.

I have neither the inclination nor patience to go through this lengthy what-the-fuck treatise. I usually get to criticize Evangelical Christians and Catholics on this blog. I am delighted to have the opportunity to expose the personality disorder of someone who, I suspect, is one of my tribe (Jewish). Oy veh. This woman needs a new hobby.

Rivkind certainly hasn't made a rational case that this has anything to do with misogyny. Rather she tries to claim that gay men are inherently misogynistic without compelling arguments to support her hypothesis. Maybe she thinks that we are stealing all the good potential husbands or something. Maybe we are stealing all of the good embryos. Who knows? It seems that just about anyone can write for Witherspoon which is no longer even a pseudo-intellectual organ. It's looking more and more like the National Enquirer.

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