Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Wackadoo Peter LaBarbera calls for 'massive' civil disobedience

Oftentimes Peter LaBarbera issues press releases that could come directly from The Onion. What they lack in imagination and originality they make up for in sheer absurdity. Today's headline reads “AFTAH Calls for 'Civil Disobedience on a Massive Scale' in Response to SCOTUS Ruling Imposing Homosexual 'Marriage' by Default in Five More States.” Pete's big on long titles. Also, it's really 11 states and a decision from the Ninth Circuit is due any day now which will undoubtedly add five more.

Several questions linger for LaBarbera:
  1. Who will provide this civil disobedience?
  2. Why will they do so?
  3. What form shall it take?
  4. To what end exactly?

Peter is all bent out of shape because he is a culture warrior and he knows that he just lost a major battle. With irony intended, fighting for marriage discrimination has become Gettysburg with Christian rightists on the losing end. Nevertheless, the majority of our citizens support marriage equality and the overwhelming majority of our citizens realize that gay marriage has no effect on them whatsoever unless they are entering into one.

“Massive scale” requires a massive supply of masses. They seem less available than decent restaurants in South Beach. Anyway, here's some prose from Porno Pete:
We are witnessing a "gradual Roe v. Wade" by which unelected judges impose homosexual 'marriage' on the nation. Hubris rules the day as millions of Americans' votes defending actual marriage (one man, one woman) are negated by one court ruling after another. Each decision bastardizes America's noble quest for racial justice by invoking "equality" for unions based on disordered sexual behavior that can never be "equal" to God-ordained sex within marriage. Now the nation's highest court is content to let the ongoing disenfranchisement become law.
LaBarbera continues to fail to appreciate the difference between civil marriage and religious marriage. Also, when it comes to the Establishment Clause, Pete is at sea. The diatribe continues:
Yesterday's action by the Supreme Court only solidifies the idea that the powerful elites who dominate politics, media and culture do not care what the people think, expressed through the ballot box or their elected state legislators. And if "We the People's" votes do not count, then We live not in freedom but under tyranny.
So it's a conspiracy. I have no idea who those “elites” are although Mr. Murdoch is probably one of them. Nor do I understand exactly what control they have over the Supreme Court or how they exercise that control. Having said that, the concept is elegantly simple. Neither legislatures nor the electorate can enact laws that are unconstitutional. Thus far, the federal courts have determined that marriage discrimination is unconstitutional and the Supreme Court (at least for now) chooses not to intervene. At least six of the nine justices were in agreement not to take up the cases in question (the assent of only four justices is required to hear a case).

Shall we continue?
The notion that nine men and women in black robes know more about what constitutes marriage than 76 percent of Oklahoma's voters is insulting and preposterous. Now is the time for civil disobedience on a massive scale: we hope that statesmen and citizens alike--in Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Indiana, Utah and Virginia—indeed, any state where the people's will has been robbed by elitist judges—will reassert their state sovereignty against escalating judicial supremacy.
This has less to do with the definition of marriage than constitutional law. Nevertheless, we are back to question #3. Exactly what are all these people (presupposing that they exist in the first place) to do? I'd like to be able to say that Pete answers the question. Alas;
From a moral and spiritual perspective, no court or government action can—to quote from the ill-informed ruling of Appeals Court Judge Richard Posner--"confer respectability on a sexual relationship" between two people of the same sex. Homosexual activists yearn to be told that their defining sin is not a sin at all—and legalizing genderless "marriage" is their holy grail to achieve that end. "Love is love," we are told, or rather scolded. But God is not mocked: the Scriptures are clear that homosexual practice is an offense against both God and the very bodies of those who practice it (as is all sexual immorality).
Classic Porno Pete. What can I say. We don't know who is supposed to do what, why they are supposed to do it and what they are supposed to achieve.

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