Saturday, November 1, 2014

Gay marriage victimizes poor children

Robert P. George
Robert P. George opposes same-sex marriage because he is an ultra-conservative Opus Deist Catholic. Nevertheless, Robby continues to advance goofy secular arguments to thwart marriage equality — that don't seem to be working very well. Behold, from yesterday's Christian Post:
His liberal colleagues often ask, George recalled, why he spends so much time on the politically-charged issue of marriage, rather than spending his time and talents on helping the poor.

His colleagues do not understand, George said, that he is "in the marriage fight, to fight for the marriage culture precisely because I want to fight poverty. Because I want young people to grow up with the kinds of material, moral and spiritual advantages that you have only where there's a healthy marriage culture."
Oh so that's why he opposes marriage equality? Not exactly. Later on:
Same-sex marriage did not cause the breakdown of a marriage culture, George added, it is a symptom of it. Same-sex marriage represents, however, "the final abolition in law of the very idea of conjugal marriage that grounds the norms of marriage, that enables marriage to play its social role."

The fight for marriage is not "some abstract moral thing," George added, it is a fight for the well-being of children, "who are, in the end, the victims of a culture that throws marriage under the bus."
What George is attempting to do is to claim that he is not fighting against same-sex marriage per se while, at the same time, claiming that same-sex marriage is intrinsically evil. Moreover, and perhaps most importantly, he continues to claim that same-sex marriage has some mysterious negative effect on what he calls “conjugal marriage.” In legal briefs this becomes “procreative marriage.” Both are Church-speak for the notion that the purpose of marriage is to crank out children. Robby is fighting against same-sex marriage to save the poor children? Seriously? Robby has started the contortions necessary to possibly squirm out of the odd-shaped hole that he dug himself into. Good luck with that.

If Robby is really interested in disadvantaged children then he should be a proponent of marriage equality. Children raised by gay couples are intentionally disadvantaged by the state when the state fails to recognize same-sex marriage. Marriage equality strengthens marriage by allowing it to extend to others who have fought so hard to participate because they understand the value of marriage.

If Robby really wanted to help the poor then he should redirect his time, talents, energy and the money he raises towards literacy and improved educational opportunities. If he really wanted to help poor people then he would help to provide adult education programs; vocational and literacy. And how about improving healthcare resources? Obamacare (which he opposes) can only go so far.

George, by the way, is a return-to-the-gold-standard nut. He doesn't give two shits about poor people.

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