Monday, November 10, 2014

Hallmark and Kohls conspire to ruin a Christian's life

The virulently anti-gay American Decency Association has forwarded a letter that they claim came from a supporter. It is today's what-the-fuck moment. Honestly, it's worth reading in full:

I want to tell about a very upsetting incident I had recently at our Kohl’s Department Store here in Grand Blanc. I was shopping for a 50th anniversary card for friends when my eye caught the images shown on the photos I’ve enclosed. My initial thought was “oops’ someone made a big printing boo-boo on these cards. But then I noticed the white labels on the card dividers, “Two Grooms” and “Two Brides!” This was a very disturbing discovery for me. This is just another incidence of forcing the gay marriage lifestyle down the throats of God-fearing people. Now shoppers, and their children, will believe if Hallmark sells gay greeting cards, that lifestyle must be normal and acceptable behavior. If that lifestyle is not being promoted, a traditional wedding card for any “couple” would do. But, when “Mr. & Mr.” or “Mrs. & Mrs.” is on the front of the card, there is nothing subtle about the not-so-hidden agenda. We are certainly becoming more and more desensitized to a lifestyle that must be grieving our Lord greatly. I am very disgusted and so disappointed that Hallmark would succumb to the pressure of the gay pride population and profit by pushing that agenda on greeting cards! How sad ….

I went to the customer service department at Kohl’s that day and asked to speak to a manger. I took him back to the greeting card section and pointed out the objectionable cards to him. He was not aware that they were in the card rack and seemed surprised and saddened by it. He told me that Hallmark vendors fill the racks and Kohl’s has no control over that process. I asked him to please discuss this problem at their staff meeting and see if something could be done about it. He assured me that would happen. But, as of last week, the cards are still in the rack. …

If you don't like a greeting card — don't buy it. Problem solved. No? Supposedly, the availability of a greeting card pushes the Homosexual Agenda®. Yet, imposing one's religious beliefs on others is perfectly acceptable. If tolerance doesn't extend to the mere presence of a greeting card …

Ben Johnson of American Decency Association concludes:
The writer of the letter above concluded her note to us with these words: “sadly the battle for good wages on.” Indeed, it does. Will you join that battle?

Check out the Hallmark cards in places where you shop. If you find stores promoting homosexual “marriage” do what this dear lady did and courteously speak to the store manager, urging that they not carry cards promoting same-sex “marriage.” Don’t accept the excuse that the store has no control over the cards Hallmark vendors stock.
That, of course, is followed by the obligatory email contacts. I guess that Hallmark and Kohls are not permitted to profit from marriage equality. Perhaps these should be available under the counter. Who knows? These people are just bat-shit crazy!

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