Tuesday, November 11, 2014

In Mississippi it's AFA v. HRC

American Family Association – a hate group based in Tupelo, Mississippi – is displeased that the Human Rights Campaign is running advertisements in the state to win greater acceptance of LGBT citizens. Not surprising, AFA's “news” blog portrays the endeavor as part of the sinister Homosexual Agenda®.

Buddy Smith
Buddy Smith
The Human Rights Campaign is targeting Mississippi with activism and a media blitz designed to gain support for the homosexual lifestyle. The American Family Association, which is based there, is cautioning Christians not to be deceived. […] Buddy Smith, executive vice president of American Family Association, says HRC's multimillion-dollar campaign is "very cleverly packaged" to destroy the opposition.

"And in this case the opposition is none other than the church of Jesus Christ, the gospel of Jesus Christ," he explains. "HRC says they're spending $8.5 million in hopes of changing the message of the church and the life-changing power of the gospel of Jesus Christ."
Buddy is a good ol' boy with a special charming knack for hyperbole. It was only a few weeks ago that Buddy claimed that we were intent on destroying marriage. Now it seems that we want to destroy Christianity. Buddy confirms that Bryan Fischer is not the only douche bag at American Family Association.

Watching that advertisement (multiple times) the strongest message seems to be about a mother's love for her gay son who is one of God's children. The woman is very compelling and she delivers a powerful message. It is a plea for compassion, not destruction. The blog post goes on to say:
Smith urges people nationwide to not be fooled by the slick advertising and stick to the reality of scripture. "The life-giving message of the church and life-changing power of the gospel of Jesus Christ is that Jesus forgives sin and the sinner when we repent of those sins and allow him to deliver us and give us a clean and a new heart," he tells OneNewsNow.
I would have a few questions for Buddy. He is almost certainly wed to the preposterous concept that sexual orientation is a choice. So exactly who is doing the fooling here?

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