Monday, November 3, 2014

NOM fighting for relevance with irrelevance

According to National Organization for Marriage today, “Marriage is an election issue,” specifically in North Carolina. NOM opts for the usual unoriginal rhetoric with evil “elites” and biased “pundits” trying to steal elections.
NOM has consistently maintained that marriage is an election issue that motivates voters, despite pundits and political elites trying increasingly to steer conservative candidates away from the social issues.

The elections this week will only demonstrate further how right NOM has been and how misguided the cronies that continue to gain a hearing by the Republican establishment despite their failure to demonstrate a winning strategy. 
NOM's dishonest TV ad in North Carolina might even help to defeat Kay Hagan. Might (after all is is the Bible Belt). Should Senator Hagan be unseated by Thom Tillis NOM will certainly take all the credit in spite of being a relatively small player in what seems to be a Republican year.

I might even agree that a majority of North Carolina voters disapprove of same-sex marriage which is precisely why marriage rights are being decided by “unelected judges.” It is not up to the electorate to determine if same-sex marriage bans deprive gays of equal protection or due process. Their primary concern might have more to do with Leviticus than constitutional jurisprudence.

Even if Senator Kay Hagan is defeated, North Carolina will still recognize same-sex marriage. So will about 30 other states. What NOM is really suggesting is that people should give them money to spend to help defeat equality minded candidates for political office (on behalf of the Catholic Church). That still will not change the underlying issue.

NOM has absolutely nothing to show for it's six or seven years of existence. That's not going to change with the politics. Nor will the inevitability of national marriage equality. Regardless of results in 2014, Republicans will increasingly support equality. NOM's just a sore loser.

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