Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Florida's Catholic bishops making mischief

The Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops issued a statement regarding marriage equality in the Sunshine State. Needless to say the ambitious celibate prelates are profoundly displeased:
How society understands marriage has great public significance. Because of this, redefining civil “marriage” to include two persons of the same sex will have far - reaching consequences in society. Such a change advances the notion that marriage is only about the affective gratification of consenting adults. Such a redefinition of marriage does nothing to safeguard a child’s right to a mother and father and to be raised in a stable family where his or her development and well - being is served to the greatest extent possible.

About those assured far-reaching consequences, what has occurred in, say, Massachusetts that would lead these men to that conclusion? Moreover, the only children affected by same-sex marriage are those who are being raised by same-sex parents. Nevertheless, these guys keep regurgitating the same intellectually dishonest talking points. Ironically, in the next paragraph, the bishops unwittingly make the case for marriage equality:
The term “marriage” can be found in family law, employment law, trusts and estates, healthcare law, tax law, property law, and many others. These laws also affect and pervasively regulate public and private institutions including religious institutions, such as churches, schools, and hospitals.
That is the point. No? Then they continue with verbiage straight from National Organization for Marriage:
Besides the predictably disruptive effects , imposing this redefinition of marriage threatens both religious liberty and the freedom of individuals to conscientiously object as already seen in those states that have redefined marriage to accommodate same sex couples.
The only disruption would be caused by individuals who think that they have a religious obligation or right to discriminate in public accommodations. They might might not like Islamic marriages, interracial marriages or inter-religious marriages. Service in public accommodations is not subject to their approval.

The very fact that the bishops dishonestly suggest that there is a rationale to  conscientiously object to same-sex marriage demonstrates their desire to create disruptions in order to turn back the tide of equality. It is a tactic that they have employed since they shut down their adoption service in Massachusetts. One would think that, at this point, they would face reality.

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