Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New Pope - Same Old Crap

Now the theologian presumes  to lecture us on foreign policy. Pope Francis cautioned on Monday that “gender ideologies” from the wealthy Western world are being imposed on developing nations by tying them to foreign aid and education, in a form of “ideological colonization.”

“A people enters with an idea that has nothing, nothing to do with the nation. … And they colonize the people with an idea that changes, or wants to change, a mentality or a structure,” he said Jan. 19 during a press conference on his return flight to Rome from the Philippines.

“They use the need of a people to take an opportunity to enter and grow strong — with the children.”

First of all, this is based on mythology and the largely misunderstood statements by British PM David Cameron and then Secretary of State Hilary Clinton in late 2011. Neither Cameron nor Clinton called for cutting off foreign assistance to nations based on their draconian laws affecting LGBT citizens. Yet throughout Africa this was perceived as a veiled threat. If so they certainly did not act accordingly. Uganda, for example, pushed forward on criminalizing homosexuality. Africa remains a very unfriendly place for its LGBT citizens.

Neither Obama nor Clinton provided details. However, at that time Caitlin Hayden, the National Security Council’s deputy spokeswoman, said the administration was “not cutting or tying” foreign aid to changes in other nation’s practices.

The National Catholic Register reported these comments from Pope Francis yesterday:
“I’ll give just one example that I saw myself,” he said to journalists on the flight. He recounted the case of a public-service officer who sought loans in order to be able to build schools for the poor two decades ago.

She received the money, he said, on the condition that she insert a “well-prepared” book into the curriculum to teach “gender theory.”

“This woman needed the money, but that was the condition,” explained the Pope. “Clever girl, she said, ‘Yes.’” And, as a result, the goal of the financiers was achieved, he said.

“This is the [concept of] ideological colonization,” said Pope Francis. 
Two decades ago and they wanted the inclusion of gender theory? In the curricula of what was presumably a grade school? Please. Where did this occur? Curriculum for what grade? Who financed the project? Who did the money go to (public or private agency)? The problem is that the pope does not face the same level of critical questioning as other public figures.

The pope is deathly afraid that we will start conditioning foreign aid on the acceptance of same-sex marriage and transgender rights. Keep in mind that, according to the teachings of the Church, transgender people do not exist. He is also probably concerned about how we will fund Catholic organizations, including those that provide services in other countries.

That is a valid concern. Why should we finance religiously affiliated organizations if they are going to employ discriminatory hiring practices? The pope should be more concerned with the Church's teachings. Pope Benedict claimed that the use of condoms caused more AIDS infections. If people followed that advice in Africa then there were thousands of preventable deaths due to AIDS.

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