Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Once again NOM claims that sending them money will influence the outcome of marriage cases before the Supreme Court

Today, National Organization for Marriage is making the dubious claim that they can somehow affect the outcome of the marriage cases now before the United States Supreme Court. And they need donations to do so.
I just don't see how Justice Kennedy, likely the swing vote, can distance himself from the strong reasoning he used in the Windsor case where he said that states have historically regulated marriage …

What this means is that we have five very short months to make our case BEFORE the Supreme Court weighs in on marriage, and we have a lot of work to do!

Will you stand with NOM today by renewing your commitment to defending marriage with a $35, $50, $100, $500 or even $1,000 or more to help us make the case for marriage BEFORE the Supreme Court weighs in on marriage in the coming months?

Of course what Justice Kennedy actually wrote in the Windsor opinion is that states are responsible for regulating marriage providing that they do not interfere with the constitutional rights of citizens. He went on to cite Loving as an example of impermissible regulation. The question before the Court is really whether or not precluding same-sex marriage is a comparable insult to the 14th Amendment as precluding interracial marriage. Brown goes on hedge:
Look, maybe in the end we will lose before the courts — I don't think we will but I don't have a crystal ball — but we will never lose marriage because marriage is a universal truth. And regardless, defeatism is a recipe for disaster, a byproduct of the gay 'marriage' lobby's carefully crafted strategic plan: to convince ordinary Americans that the battle is already lost and to give up the fight.

Let me be as clear as I can — we at NOM will never give up on marriage.
Mr. Brown does not sound terribly confident. Whether or not NOM will give up is irrelevant. The real question is whether or not donors will continue to finance an enterprise that has been such a spectacular failure. What purpose would NOM serve if the Supreme Court effects national marriage equality? What is Brian Brown going to do? He could light himself on fire and it would do nothing other than to offer some temporary illumination and heat around his smoldering corpse.

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