Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Tony Perkins likens ousted Atlanta fire chief to Charlie Hedbo

Tony Perkins
In an email to supporters Tuesday evening Tony Perkins, head of the anti-gay hate group Family Research Council had harsh words for Atlanta's mayor.
Whether it's a journalist in France satirically writing about religion or a fire chief in Atlanta, Georgia writing about the sacred teachings of his faith, the silencing of either is a threat to the freedoms of all. The naked truth is that the actions taken against the Chief are designed to send a message that will silence Christians and in effect force them to check their faith at the door of public service.
That's right. According to Tony Perkins they are one and the same.  A public servant is comparable to a private journalist. Sure.

Using a massacre to advance a religious/political agenda? Shame on you Mr. Perkins. Shame on you!

And, yes. Public servants do have to check their faith at the office door. Our public agencies are comprised of people of diverse faiths and beliefs. Favoring one faith over another while directing a public agency is simply wrong. This is not Iran. We are not a theocracy and neither is the city of Atlanta, Georgia. Spreading anti-gay hatred is never acceptable on the taxpayers' dime.

The simple fact is that Kelvin Cochran was shown the door for very poor judgment. He served at the pleasure of the mayor and lost the mayor's confidence by his abject stupidity.

As for the massacre at the headquarters of Charlie Hedbo and the killing of innocent Jews at a Kosher butcher shop, I grieve. Most of us are immeasurably saddened. Apparently a few Jews and some left wing journalists are just grist for Tony Perkins' mill.

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