Sunday, February 15, 2015

Collateral damage: Alabama's captive child audience

Cute Kids
Roy Moore, a person speaking from a position of great authority as the chief justice of Alabama's supreme court, has been telling LGBT children that they are evil little perverts who do not deserve equality. Some of those kids believe Justice Moore and will suffer the repercussions of that injustice for years, maybe decades. Closeted kids are likely to echo Moore's bigotry as a means of asserting their feigned heterosexuality. One can only imagine their internal conflict. Parents of gay kids might also believe Roy Moore and treat their children accordingly.

But it's not just LGBT children who have suffered at Moore's hands. How about children being raised by gay couples? Their anguish must be unimaginable — mitigated only by the fact that their parents have an opportunity to marry. Successful parents of successful children know the importance of instilling ego-strengths in their kids. It's not an easy endeavor and one that Moore has now made more difficult. And how will these children be treated in school given that their classmates have been subjected to this atmosphere of hate and intolerance?

The average kid being raised by opposite-sex parents has also been victimized if he or his parents believe any of Moore's belch. Will those beliefs help or hinder their future social and career development? How will he or she cope with a student whose parents are gay? Would Alabama's kids be capable of working for a queer boss in the future? Would they be able to team with queer coworkers? Are they college bound with anti-gay attitudes? In another part of Dixie, Atlanta's former fire chief, Kelvin Cochran, was once one of these children. Cochran should serve as a cautionary tale in contrast to being perceived as a martyr for Christ.

The Christian right is fond of referring to “innocent children;” suggesting that, without faith-based protections (some form of discrimination), they are subject to corruption by predatory gay people. The truth is that innocent children are those who are not willfully exposed to prejudice.

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