Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Is John Stemberger the center of the universe ... and a martyr?

John Stemberger

Late Tuesday afternoon John Stemberger, head of Florida Family Policy Council, sent out an angry email to supporters. Stemberger is always angry about something having to do with his fellow LGBT citizens. This time he is fuming about marriage equality which arrived in the Sunshine State on January 6, 2015.
At least for now, the homosexual activists - with a huge assist from the courts - have gotten their way.  In a few years, if the Florida decision isn't overturned by the US Supreme Court this summer, you and I will begin to see the tragic effects that come from such a radical social transformation.
Unfortunately Mr. Stemberger does not answer emails. Yet I will try, once more, to get some answers from him. I want to know what those “tragic effects” are in Massachusetts after nearly 11 years of marriage equality. Please explain John. What dastardly things have occurred? Did the cranberries stop growing? Stemberger rants on:
But there is another agenda that we don't have to wait for years to see play out. 

You see, in many ways, our opponent's efforts to legalize same-sex unions, isn't about marriage.  It never was.  Very few actually marry.

Ultimately, their fight for same-sex marriage is about stopping any viewpoint which disagrees with them.

And they are wasting no time.

First, the attacks on me personally and on your Florida Family Policy Council were beyond description
Actually this has always been about marriage and about equal protection. Ironically, it was Christian zealots who started the marriage equality surge with Proposition 8. It was Prop 8 that took us into the federal courts. Furthermore, I have no idea how, if we take Stemberger at his word, marriage equality effects viewpoint censorship. If Stemberger is attacked it is because Stemberger is a bigot who runs an anti-gay hate group. If Stembemberger is attacked it is because he advances crackpot conspiracy theories about gay people. These include the current notion that all of the work for equal marriage had nothing to do with marriage.
Why all of the blistering attacks?  At its core, this is a spiritual issue.  It's also a tactic.  They want to destroy - either through discouragement or socially banishing - anyone who carries a biblical message of truth about human sexuality.

Second, they have already launched their next legal steps to enforce acceptance of their views on our culture.

Drafts of bills are being written right now, to be introduced in this next legislative session, which will in the name of anti-discrimination for gay and transgendered persons, actually discriminate against small business owners and even potentially pastors, who hold a biblical worldview.
Stemberger's sentence structure is terrible. However LGBT equality only seems to be a spiritual issue for those seeking to oppose it. Equal protection is a legal matter. Stemberger is a lawyer. He should know better.

None of the proposed measures for LGBT equality should pose a threat to anyone. Stemberger would have his supporters believe that these censor a certain point of view. It's nonsense. LGBT citizens seek equal protection under the law — nothing more and nothing less. We could not restrict opinion and religious belief even if we wanted to. Or, perhaps, we are just not very good at limiting discourse that we do not like.

Some Christians believe that all Muslims are part of a conspiracy, part of a global jihad. A Christian business owner (wed to those discredited beliefs) cannot discriminate against a Muslim employee or prospective employee. Nor, for that matter, can he discriminate against that Muslim in public accommodations. Why should the same protections not extend to LGBT citizens and taxpayers?

Of course our friend John has a solution to all these things that trouble his fragile psyche:

You knew that was coming.

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