Tuesday, February 3, 2015

It's Act II for the Kleins and Sweet Cakes by Melissa

Sweet Cakes by Melissa
Enter, stage left, victims embracing each other, crying and penniless. After an Oregon board found, yet again, that Sweet Cakes by Melissa unlawfully discriminated against a lesbian couple, victimhood is sweet. Even sweeter for the conservative Christian organizations that raise money off of this fluff.

This is all well choreographed. It usually starts with the obligatory Todd Starnes BS. According to Starnes the Kleins face $200,000 in fines. It's actually up to $150,000 and I expect to see a mid four-figure penalty. Starnes goes on to claim that the government is trying to push Christians “into the closet” which is an odd abstraction to use. Then Starnes recounts all of the other Defenders of Christ who have been martyred by the homosexual agenda™. It's all boilerplate at this point. Starnes just has to remerge the paragraphs.

Tonight or tomorrow I expect to see Family Research Council and, possibly, National Organization for Marriage attempt to raise funds off of this spectacle. The discriminatory conduct by these self-manufactured victims will be cause, according to them, to oppose same-sex marriage. “Supreme Court take notice.” Sure.

In the end, the Kleins are only victims of their own ignorance and stupidity. They decided that they had the right to not sell a cake if it was to be eaten at a same-sex wedding. Like loan officers they had the right to disapprove their customers. Of course that flies in the face of Oregon non-discrimination laws affecting public accommodations. However, the likes of ADF and Liberty Counsel are trolling for would-be martyrs. The word goes out from pulpits that business owners have an opportunity to defend Christ while ADF defends them for free. I don't think that the Kleins thought this through.

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