Monday, February 2, 2015

Perkins claims "The Kids Are Not All Right [sic]"

Tony Perkins - Family Research Council
Are some “left?” In an email to supporters Friday night Tony Perkins claims that the children of gay couples are disadvantaged. Perkins, the head of the anti-gay hate group Family Research Council, tries to support his conjecture with amicus briefs by Katy Faust, RO Lopez, Dawn Stefanowicz and BN Klein, filed in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals opposing marriage equality. Klein is known on this blog by her pseudonym, Rivka Edelman. the four briefs had the same lawyer — David Boyle of Long Beach, California.

According to Mr. Perkins:
With moving testimonies, the “quartet of truth” bravely pulls back the curtain on the grief and confusion that marked their childhoods without a mom or dad.
All you really need to know (in lieu of reading the briefs) is that the four adults claim that they had crappy childhoods because of their gay parent. Needless to say we can find a representative and proportionate sample of adults raised by heterosexual parents (particularly a divorced parent) who would make the same assertion. That would be equally irrelevant to the recognition of same-sex marriage as it relates to equal protection and due process.

Tony Perkins needs another victim:
It’s almost a foregone conclusion that researchers who compare children raised by heterosexual parents to those raised by a homosexual one will be vilified, harassed, and professionally targeted. 
Love matters, the four concluded. But, as Mark Regnerus’s research made painfully clear, it isn’t enough.
Poor Mark Regnerus. Regnerus did not compare children raised by heterosexual and homosexual couples. Regnerus studied children raised by heterosexual parents where one parent had an extramarital affair with a same-sex paramour. Regnerus' “research” was funded by right-wing religious organizations and was designed to claim (long before the study commenced) that gays make poor parents. The purpose for the study was ti influence the Supreme Court as the justices faced deliberation in Windsor and the Proposition 8 case. Upon conclusion, those same right-wing religious organizations and Regnerus made that claim in spite of the fact that the study did not support that conclusion by Regnerus or his financial backers.

Bill Keller of the New York Times had one of the best explanations of the findings:
In most cases, the parents subsequently broke up. In other words, this group wasn’t the offspring of committed gay couples but of failed unions, some of them probably sham marriages. It’s not even clear whether the parents who strayed were gay or lesbian, or simply experimenting. The second group consisted of kids who spent their childhoods in lasting, married, mom-and-dad families.

Guess which group had problems? 
The study was pretty well demolished by peers. ... Regnerus, when I talked to him, conceded that his study compared apples and oranges, because “I didn’t have oranges.”
Something tells me that the cynical Perkins is well aware of the produce deficit.

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