Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Should we give a rat's ass that Tony Perkins is going after Justice Ginsburg?

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Last night Tony Perkins, head of the anti-gay hate group Family Research Council, sent out an email to supporters titled “Questioning Ginsburg's Personal Judgment.” Perkins can question all he wants but Ms. Ginsburg is a Justice of the Supreme Court. That's not going to change. Mr. Perkins is a Klan-tied hate group leader with a mediocre intellect and waning influence. That too will not change. Nor, for that matter, is Justice Ginsburg likely to recuse herself from the marriage cases that the Court will begin to deliberate in late April. Nothing that Mr. Perkins does is going to change any of that. Perkins writes:

If she can nap during the State of the Union, it shouldn't surprise us when people wonder if Ruth Bader Ginsburg is asleep on the job! Late last week, the 22-year Supreme Court Justice stunned everyone by commenting on same-sex "marriage" -- just months before the Court is set to decide it. In an interview with Bloomberg, Ginsburg was surprisingly open about her feelings on the issue, crossing an ethical line that raises new questions about the justice's impartiality.

For any judge -- let alone one on the country's highest court -- to speak publicly about a pending case is an indiscretion that shocked people on both sides of the debate.
I can devote a few hundred keystrokes to arguing that commenting about same-sex marriage is not the same as discussing the cases before the Court but it is irrelevant. Knowing that Justice Ginsburg is not going to recuse herself what Perkins is trying to do is to delegitimize an opinion by the Court that same-sex marriage bans insult the Equal Protection clause of the 14th Amendment. That's the agenda because the anti-gay lobby has dreams of carrying on about marriage in perpetuity. Perkins eventually ends up at:
Not only is Ginsburg mistaken, she's amazingly indiscreet in flouting what is obviously a premeditated vote on an issue still hotly debated in every corner of America. She and fellow Justice Elana Kagan were already on thin ice where objectivity is concerned, having both presided over same-sex "weddings." Now, with these latest revelations, the facade of fairness is crumbling.

The only answer, many believe, is for Justice Ginsburg to recuse herself from a trial she has already swayed. A growing chorus of Americans is calling for the justice to do the right thing and step aside.
My own persecution complex has me hearing “those two Jewesses.” But that's just me. “Thin ice” seems rather disrespectful. And where is this “growing chorus” that Perkins writes about? Oh here:
From Washington, D.C. to states like Alabama, voters demanded an end to the courts' open activism. Brian Brown, head of the National Organization for Marriage, was one of several leaders asking that Ginsburg "comply with federal law and disqualify herself as she is required to do. If she refuses, we will ask Congress to act."
Well, if Mr. Brian Brown chimes in then Justice Ginsburg should … Please. Ginsburg is an independent thinker who is going to do what she is going to do. She will be on the bench in April to hear the marriage cases. I just wish that she could have some influence on her friend, Justice Scalia. In case you did not know, socially the Ginsburgs are best friends with the Scalias. They have a tradition of dining together every New Years Eve. Mr. and Mrs. Perkins are unlikely to dine at that banquet at any time in the future.

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