Monday, February 23, 2015

Who will be the first right wing schmuck to say that Sally Kohn is trying to turn her child gay?

Sally Kohn

On Friday, Sally Kohn had an essay in the Washington Post titled I’m gay. And I want my kid to be gay, too. Kohn's essay is really about social equality. Homosexuality should be the societal equal of heterosexuality. It makes perfect sense unless one is wed to the idea that sexual orientation is somehow a choice. Kohn writes:
If we went to college, we want our kids to go to college. If we like sports, we want our kids to like sports. If we vote Democrat, of course we want our kids to vote Democrat.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, said recently “I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me. … It’s made me more empathetic, which has led to a richer life.” Ms. Kohn has a similar sentiment:
I’ve never for a single second regretted being gay, nor saw it as anything other than an asset and a gift. … I wouldn’t be a politically engaged human being, let alone an activist, writer and TV personality, if I weren’t gay.
Unfortunately some of us have had a different experience. In my case being gay and in the closet created social awkwardness. It was the closet that made me neurotic.

Ms. Kohn explains further (emphasis added):
If my daughter is gay, I don’t worry about her having a hard life. But I do worry about people expecting her to have a hard life — helping to perpetuate discrimination that might otherwise fade more quickly. I want my daughter to know that being gay is equally desirable to being straight
That is the whole point of this piece. Sexual orientation should be as irrelevant as eye or hair color.

Kohn goes on to say that her six-year-old is already boy crazy. Yet be assured ye holier-than-thou creatures that Sally Kohn is not sending her daughter to lesbian school.

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