Friday, March 13, 2015

Cardinal Newman Society compiling a companion shit list

The Cardinal Newman Society has taken another step to demonstrate its displeasure with corporations that support same-sex marriage. On Wednesday I wrote about the efforts of the ultra-orthodox Catholic organization to ostracize executives who support marriage equality. They called upon Catholic schools and colleges not to honor any executives or board members of the nearly 400 corporations that signed onto an amicus brief in support of equality.

Now, Patrick Reilly, president of the Cardinal Newman Society, has posed an additional threat. Reilly said, in a statement to Breitbart News:
We will identify and expose any Catholic school or college that honors a leader of any of these corporations .
Reilly is probably going to need plenty of pencils given the amount of financial support that these same organizations provide to educational institutions. Moreover, many of these same universities have been quite progressive in their policies. For example, most of the Jesuit universities offered partner benefits before marriage equality came to town.

Notre Dame’s president, the Rev. John Jenkins, recently said that beyond the legal obligations “we recognize an urgent call to welcome, support and cherish gay and lesbian brothers and sisters, who have been too often marginalized and even ostracized, and many of whom bear the scars of such treatment.”

I doubt that Notre Dame, or Georgetown, or St. John's boards are terribly concerned about being  “exposed” by the zealots at the Cardinal Newman Society. They might even relish being cited for their progressive cultures. I find it interesting that Mr. Reilly believes that his threat with make the slightest difference. It smacks of self-absorbed arrogance.

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