Monday, March 9, 2015

Catholic bishop claims that gay couples raising children are not parents

Bishop Kevin Doran
Bishop Kevin Doran
Kevin Doran, the Bishop of Elphin (northern Ireland) seems to think that gay people who raise children are not their parents. Doran's sentiment is unlikely to be unique within the Catholic hierarchy. A radio interviewer reminded Bishop Doran that gay couples in Ireland were already raising children. His reply?
But they’re not parents. They might have children but, that’s the point, people who have children are not necessarily parents.
The baffled, and baffling, prelate even managed to compare homosexuality to Down syndrome:
That would be to suggest that if some people who are born with Down syndrome or Spina Bifida, that that was what god intended either. I mean I think the thing about it is, I can’t see into the mind of God.
It would be easy to dismiss this as a series of gaffes by some guy an ocean away. What Doran did was to recite the teachings of the Church without the political fluff. It is reasonable to suggest that Cardinal Timothy Dolan in New York shares Doran's views in their entirety. By the way, Doran was elevated to bishop by Pope Francis.

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